Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top 10 Spring Trends

So I've been salivating over - I know, I know... there is no Nordstrom in Rochester.  (Don't remind me).

Ah but have no fear upstate ladies,  springs hottest trends, can all be found right here in Rochester.  You needn't look farther than Eastview Mall or your favorite boutiques.  And if you MUST shop Nordstrom, at least do it through ebates and get 5% cash back.  Plus right now they are offering a $5 bonus just for signing up!

Without further ado, here are the Top Ten Spring Trends featured on (with a little narrative from yours truly)

1.  Pale Neutrals 
Muted colors are all the rage.

2.  The Fit-And-Flare Dress 
Classic, easy, and figure flattering.

3.  The Kitten Heel
A little height without the leg cramps.

4.  The Romantic Blouse
Femine, pretty, and versatile:  can be worn with anything.

5.  The Satchel 
Carries everything you need but looks polished with its clean lines.

6.  Flared and Wide Leg Pants
Don't worry you can still wear your skinny jeans, but consider investing in a pair of these 70's throwbacks to add some versatility to your wardrobe.

7.  Maxi Dresses and Skirts
Simple, easy, breezy style.

8.  Statement  Rings
Nothing like a honking big ring on your finger...that's what I always say.  Note:  tacky is not the statement you want to make.

9.  The Minimal Jacket
Adds structure and class to any look - but be careful,  fit is EVERYTHING.  If it doesn't fit, you run the risk of looking frumpy.

10.  Modern Oxfords
Fun and retro but dangerous, these can look super geeky if paired with the wrong look.  There is a reason you've never heard of "nursing home chic."

So now that you know whats "in" which trend(s) are you most excited to rock this spring?  

I for one, would love 

Antropologie Mompos Dress
A perfect fit-and-flare dress
Paola Ferri Oxfords


  1. Hi fellow Rochester blogger! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog, I love that there are other fashion blogger in our little city! :) And we need to start a petition to get a Nordstrom in Rochester!


  2. Hey Ashley!

    I agree! Love your blog and loving blogging!

    Stay in touch!


  3. This is great information, and I love the way it is written too!

  4. Those oxfords are really cute!

  5. If YOU truly want a Nordstrom in Rochester,
    HERE's an absolute MUST for YOU...

    Next time you,your family, your friends are in a Nordstrom, grab bunches of their charge account aplications & shove 'em in your bag. Pack 'em in your suitcase & bring'em home to Rochester.
    NOW place those applications on free brochure racks at: Fine Hotels, Libraries-like Pittsford,Fairport,Penfield,Brighton,etc,& the like ! Why? When Nordstrom SEES the spike in Nordstrom applications coming from YOUR Metro, they will really take notice! That's why stores always ask for zipcode. They want to know where the seriuos interest is & how srong it is. It'[s strictly about the numbers,the Demographics, the money paying customers. Rochester is certainly a Metro that can handle a Nordstrom..."underpopulated little Delaware just got one!!!"


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