Monday, April 11, 2011

Jewelry by Artwark - love love love!

I was flipping through the Pennysaver the other day and stumbled upon an add for this beautiful necklace - just in time for Mother's Day (this is a hint Steve):

Mother's Love Necklace
"Celebrating the special love Mom has for each of her babies"
Custom made to represent her family!  In silver, gold, or antiqued brass with turquoise or white rice pearls.
I love it:  love the design and the sentiment behind it.  It's made by Artwark and handcrafted right in Mendon. Since I loved this necklace so much, I wanted to see Artwark's other work, so I went to their Web site,  clicked the etsy link, and it was over:  I want EVERYTHING.  The jewelry is versatile, wearable, and all the pieces are inspired by nature, culture, religion, and love.  Its simplicity, vintage vibe, and general aesthetic is beautiful.  I'm hooked.  Now I just need to decide what to buy first!

You absolutely must view the complete collection when you have a minute, but for now here a few of my favorites:


Ugh!  How am I going to choose?  

As if the beautiful, reasonably priced jewelry isn't enough of a reason to shop, Artwark is offering $5 off your order through May 10.   Use the code "SAVE" in the message to seller in etsy's checkout to receive an auto refund.   And tell her the fashionista sent you!   Happy shopping!  

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