Monday, April 4, 2011

My first post... how exciting!

Well, I've been delaying writing my first post because in true "Jenn fashion" I wanted to throw myself a launch party first.  In the spirit of Lady Gaga, I am a huge proponent of faking it until you make it, but I just can't hold out any longer.  I have to tell you about my latest shopping victory!

Went to Art and Whimsy Thursday night.  Had a fabulous time: shopped, snacked, sipped champagne, socialized and raised money for Empire State Lyric Theatre and women receiving breast cancer treatment at Pluta Cancer Center.  I was there all of 30 seconds before I bought a pair of shoes from Lilipad Creations.  Do I need more shoes?  Probably not.  Are five inch heels really conducive to playdates and shopping at Wegmans?  Again, probably not.  But how does any woman in her right mind say no to the LAST PAIR of these Poetic License Summer Fling T-Strap Sandles that just so happen to be her size?

Clearly it was destiny.  I tried to walk away...there are witnesses.  Alas I could not.  I had to buy them and I'm so glad I did.  Tried them on for the hubs when I got home and got a "wow" out of him; he was so impressed that he didn't even ask me how much I paid for them, which is good considering I wouldn't exactly label them "frugal."  However, they are surprisingly comfortable, on-trend and well worth the $129 price tag.  The mix of snakeskin, cork and patent leather is fun, attention-grabbing, and versatile (think dark hose and a dress or with a straight leg jean).  Needless to say:  I LOVE THEM!

For my frugal fashionistas appalled at my shoe purchase, do not be dismayed!  Later than evening I snagged an adorable pair of earrings from the StaceyKayCollection for $5.00!

These textured interlocking gold rings are light, understated, and will go with virtually everything:

All in all it was a great night out in Rochester: added a two lovely items to my wardrobe, supported local business, and it was all for a good cause!  Bravo!

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  1. Love, love, love the shoes! Awesome find and definitely worth it :-)


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