Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two for Tuesday: The Procrastination Edition

This is a rather long edition of "Two for Tuesday."

Don't get use to this.

Item #1.  If you haven't signed up for my FREE personal shopping services yet, well, you're in luck.  All new clients will automatically get $5 in free points to spend at Sears, Kmart, or Lands End AND 90 days of free shipping with SYW Max.  Now, who says procrastination doesn't have its perks?

Crazy right?  A free personal shopper/stylist PLUS getting paid $5 and free shipping.

This is what you would call a NO BRAINER!

Sign up here. (Just don't try it on an iphone or ipad - system glitch - you're going to have to use an actual computer people... I know... I know... the audacity!)

Item #2.  Speaking of procrastination, here is a post I forgot to publish on Saturday...Enjoy:

Since Erin, is my home girl this month (I sponsored her blog in April, guest posted about personal shopping etc) I decided to join in on her Getting Personal link up as well. Since I usually don't get too personal on here, I thought it would be a fun way to change things up.

Ok time to answer some tough questions:

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?

I would have listened to my professor in college who tried to talk me out of getting my Masters in Elementary Ed and doing a dual Masters/Doctoral program at Columbia for my PhD in English.  He told me I was going to hate teaching.  (I hated teaching.)  He told me I'd be so happy to have my PhD.  (I totally would have been.)  My husband has a doctoral degree.  We are Dr. and Mrs. Sanzo - that burns my you know what.  We should be Dr. and Dr. Sanzo.  Grrrrr!

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Dancing through the streets of Rochester singing Happy Days Are Here Again because both of my boys will be in school full time.  Woooo hooooo!

3. Do you honestly want kids?

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Yes, which is good since I have two of them.  I also honestly know I don't want any more kids.  Which is also good since my husband got a vasectomy...

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?

I can't pick one - so let's go with my top 5:

1.  Marrying the love of my life.
2.  Standing with said love as newlyweds in the Sistine Chapel on a private tour with only a few other people.  Priceless, awe-inspiring moment.
3.  Becoming Colten's mommy.
4.  Becoming Cooper's mommy.
5.  Seeing my name in print.

5. What is your life theme song?

"Settle Down" by Phillip Phillips - I decided it was my apraxia anthem for my two sweet and special boys and then my church decided it was our church's theme song.  So yeah...it's my jam all the way around.

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?

Write a book, win the lottery, travel the world, eradicate world hunger, be famous - you know, the usual...

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?

My integrity.

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?

I'd drop the kids at grandma's, grab my husband, and fly to Paris.  Then I would shop.  A. lot.  And eat.  I'd eat a lot too.

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?

Hearing the diagnosis of apraxia.

10. Summarize yourself in one word.


Now it's time for YOU to stop procrastinating.  Come on, you know you have other things you are supposed to be doing other than reading this blog like, I don't know, your job, taking care of your children, etc.

Love that you're procrastinating with me today though! ;)  Now get back to work!


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Monday, April 29, 2013

Made in America Monday - Stephanie Dawn Review and Giveaway

Afternoon lovelies!

Time for another installment of "Made in America Monday!"

I am so excited to share this brand with all of you!  If you are like me and use Vera Bradley travel bags and accessories, but secretly hate that they are made in China. This is the post for you.  If you want quilted travel gear in bright colors and versatile, functional styles that doesn't look like a cheap knock off, let me introduce you to Stephanie Dawn -fresh patterns, great styles, high quality, and made in the USA!  Woot!  Woot!

I was thrilled when they asked me to review and give away one of their flat iron/curling iron covers as part of my "Made in America Monday" series.  I travel often, and I HATE having to wait for my curling iron to cool before I can pack it safely.  With this heat-resistant carrier, there is no reason to wait forever, just wrap it up and you are good to go.  And since it is soft-sided, it doesn't take up any extra space in your luggage.  Love it!  I'll definitely be bringing it with me on my trip to NYC on Saturday!

Here is mine "in use"
Of course now I'm dying for the x-large tote in this pattern (kaleidescope)...
and a bazillion other travel accessories to match.  Oh, and another one for my flat iron...
Want to get your hands on one?  It just may be your lucky day!

Stephanie Dawn Flat Iron/Curling Iron Cover in American Red
Made in the USA
Suggested Retail $17

Enter for your chance to win here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck lovelies!



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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Not Even Monday!

And I have a great "Made in America" brand to share with you:

Loggerhead Apparel is an American-made brand with a big heart.  Not only is their clothing made in the USA using supima cotton grown in the USA, but they donate 10% of all sales to sea turtle conservation efforts.  They are exactly the type of company I love to support, which is why I'm teaming up with USA Love List to giveaway a gorgeous Loggerhead Bellwether360 polo shirt of your choice.  

Love their turtle logo!

This style is the company’s signature product and is available in a multitude of colors and sizing for the entire family.   On the golf course or off, it doesn't get more classic than this wardrobe staple.  Enter below for your chance to win one Bellwether360 polo, in a men’s, women’s or children’s size, in a color of your choice. Entries close at midnight Eastern time on Thursday, May 2. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check back Monday for another giveaway from another great "Made in America" brand and The Flower City Fashionista.

Best of luck lovelies!



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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday AKA #tbt

Remember when I rocked a 'fro for charity and wrote about my penchant for dressing up?

Well, here I am in all my #tbt glory:

Southern Belle
What can I say?  Some things never change!



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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elephants, Leopards, and Arm Parties... Oh My!

On Sunday, I participated in the 4th annual Smile for Hope to benefit Safe Journey, a local organization that supports women affected by domestic violence.  I had a table promoting my blogs (The Flower City Fashionista and Flower City Fashion and Beauty) and my new personal shopping business.

Here is what I wore:

Now a little multiple choice for your Wednesday morning:

Where is my orange elephant print button down from?
a.  Anthropologie
b.  Madewell
c.  GAP
d.  Kmart

If you answered d.  Kmart, you are correct (and probably a little shocked).  Since starting my personal shopping business, I've familiarized myself with Sears, Kmart, and Lands End brands and merchandise (probably a good idea since they write my paycheck).   Six months ago, I would have never walked into a Kmart for clothes; it just wasn't on my radar.  Now, it has become an affordable option for on-trend shoes, clothing, and accessories.  I loooove this Jaclyn Smith button down (did I just say that out loud?) and know I will get a lot of wear out of it.  It can be dressed up or down, used as a layering piece and be worn all seasons.  Love, love, love!

Here is how I styled it for Sunday's event:

Jaclyn Smith for Kmart shirt, Big City Bags and Jewelry necklace, Fahsye earrings
Old Navy belt, GAP sexy boyfriend jeans, Louis Vuitton bag,
 Madewell sunglasses and bow ring,  estate chocolate diamond and gold ring
Bracelets:  yard sale, Stella and Dot, Old Navy, Groop Dealz,
Shashi (c/o POPSugar Must Have)

Michael Kors watch, Fahsye bracelets from Thailand,
Cornells Jewelers engagement ring and wedding band
Mossimo for Target Leopard platform pumps
My feet were KILLING me by the end of the day - but they sure did look cute...
Just in case there aren't enough pictures of me in this post, here are some more of the complete look with my Madewell sunnies on:

What's your favorite new piece for spring?  Do you shop Kmart?  Want me to help you find cute pieces like this top?  Sign up for my free personal shopping services here.

Happy Hump Day!



PS- I'm hosting an online Stella and Dot trunk show this week!  Join the party here.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy Bee!

After a super-busy weekend, I'm all over the place again today.

You can find me here linking up with Pursuit of Pink:

And here giving away some goodies (along with 30 other lovely ladies):

Be sure to check out both and have a happy Monday!



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Friday, April 19, 2013

Who's Ready for the Weekend?

After what has proved to be an emotionally-trying week comes to a close, I think we could all use a little R&R and are welcoming the weekend with open arms.

Just wanted to tie up some lose ends around here before I send you all on your way to enjoying some QT with the ones you love best.  

Weekly updates:

1.  My giveaway for an adorable hot pink wrap bracelet from local Brockport, NY boutique BeBe Mills ends at midnight tonight.  Be sure to enter here.

2.  I'm hosting an online Stella and Dot party - with a free shipping flash sale going on today and tomorrow - I want to buy the entire collection and am sure you will too.  You can party with me here.  

3.  This Sunday, I'll be attending the 4th annual Smile for Hope as a vendor promoting this little bloggity blog o'mine and my personal shopping business.  Exclusive coupons and giveaways will be happening - you don't want to miss this.  Plus all the proceeds go to benefit Safe Journey, a non-residential resource and support center for women and children rebuilding their lives after domestic abuse and violence.  

4.  Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey has made Amazon's Best Selling Gothic and Romantic Literary Criticism List.  (You KNOW you're a dork when this is exciting ha!)

5.  I need to decide what I am wearing to my friend's wedding on Block Island in June.  I think I have it narrowed down to these three gowns from Rent the Runway.  Which one?  Help.  Me.  Choose.

That's all for now - only a few more hours til the weekend kiddos!  Hang in there!



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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thirteen Going on Thirty

Or is it the other way around?

I think it was that wise philosopher Jon Bon Jovi who said:  "the more things change the more they stay the same."

He may have had a point.

Last night, as I wandered around Forever 21 listening to Nirvana and pawing through floral prints, acid wash, and neon I thought:  holy crap I wore all of this the FIRST time it was cool.  What the hell am I doing in here?  And as as Kurt faded into the background and the intro to Pretty in Pink started to play, I  realized I should probably exit the store immediately.  I'm clearly too old to be in here.  Or am I?

Part of me still feels like I have the right to shop there as long as I keep a safe distance from the crop tops, but I can't help but feel the slightest bit ridiculous wearing the same clothes I wore in 8th grade.  
Same clothes.  Same hair.  It's 1995 all over again! Ruuuuuuun!
Okay, so I've ditched the retainer and discovered tweezers, but all in all not much as changed (aside from two kids and an extra 25 pounds or so).  These hips won't be squeezing into Bongo size 00 extra long skinny jeans any time soon. (Hey, they didn't call me "Stretch" and "Skeletor" for nothing!) 

Fashion has always revived trends from the past, but all these grunge and nineties throw backs just seem a little...I don't know... soon?  Eh, or maybe it's just a sign that I'm getting old.  Either way, I'm a firm believer that you are only as old as you feel, so I'm going to embrace that hopelessly skinny middle schooler inside of me and tell her that everything is going to be okay. Because, as I blow dry my bangs just right, button up a comfy flannel, and lace up my chuck taylors,  I can only smile and think that maybe this whole thirty going on thirteen thing isn't so bad, and maybe I shouldn't have gotten rid of my Doc Martens after all...

How are you liking the return of the nineties?  Love it?  Think its too soon?  Too young to even know what I'm even talking about?  Leave your thoughts below.  And read more of my profound thoughts on nineties fashion here.  



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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two for Tuesday: Helpers and Healing

It just doesn't seem right to write my usual frivolous drivel in the wake of yesterday's tragedy.  So instead, I just want to share my deepest heartfelt sympathy for the city of Boston and for our nation in general as we struggle to make sense of it all.

I leave you with the profound words of two women whom I admire.  One is my best friend from college, the other I've never met, but I assure you that both of them exude an integrity and pureness of heart that I wish there was more of in this world.  Please read their thoughts on innocence, evil, and facing each new day with hope:

1.  Mrs. Sarah Tucker @ Fairy Tales are True

2.   Mrs. Daniela McDonnell via Facebook:

"My daughter lives in a world where bombs, guns and nuclear threats don't exist. I pray that she will somehow always be able to hold onto a piece of her beautiful world-- exactly as it is today.
Blue skies and swings, a hula hoop around her waist and pure joy on her face."
Hug your babies.  Pray for Boston.  Pray for us all.



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Monday, April 15, 2013

Made in America Monday ~ Sharing the Love

If you know me, you know there are two things things I love to do:  buy American and shop local.  When these two worlds come together, it pretty much rocks my world.   Last month, Devil May Care Lingerie Co (the best little lingerie boutique on the planet) hosted Kouture's pop-up boutique.  For those of you who don't know, Kouture is an online shop founded in 2012 by Rochester's own Kiley Miltsch who is all of 21 years old and well on her way to building her own empire.  This girl is one to watch.  I love her in-your-face sense of style: from her pink hair to her ENORMOUS platforms, she just exudes coolness.  I was NEVER that cool.  Ha!  But, even more than her "look" I love that she isn't afraid to get out there an run her business the way she wants - I also love that she stocks her store with some great "Made in the USA" brands like Wildfox Couture and Paige Denim.

Enjoying the Kouture popup boutique at Devil May Care in March.
Trying on a Wildfox sweatshirt and Paige Denim jeans.
(I ended up buying both)
Lounging in my new favorite sweatshirt.
(Don't worry I didn't leave the house like this - although I probably could have if I ditched the Easter egg socks...)
Rocking my new Paige Denim Hoxton Skinnies
 Not only did I discover two great American-made brands that are high quality and uber-comfortable, but I was able to purchase them through a locally owned online boutique owner.  Love that!  And love that I am able to share it all with you!

I'm totally buying this.

Oh and did I mention she has FREE worldwide shipping.  Yeah.  She does.

You're Welcome.

Happy Monday!



PS- What is your favorite "Made in the USA" brand?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling...

Make that all feeling...

And I'm not talking about romance.

I'm talking about my poor toes.

You see, last night I wore these:

You're looking at five beautiful inches of leopard-shrouded torture.
I definitely still have some numbness going on.  Last night I was relieved to be experiencing loss of feeling as opposed to writhing in agony, but now more than 12 hours later, I'm starting to worry about permanent nerve damage.  Oh well.  As least I looked cute... and if I lose all feeling in my toes, just think of all the cute shoes I'll be able to squeeze them into now without any pain!  See, there is always a silver lining!

Here's the rest of the look:

Forever 21 top, Lands End Canvas pants, Target shoes
I like the back of this shirt more than the front...
Added some chocolate diamonds and bling..
Louis V. came out to play.
I'm a firm believer than you can never wear too many bracelets.
Also: the higher the heel, the closer to God.
Words to live by.
Write them down, frame 'em, needle point them on a pillow, whatever you need to do.
I know I'm not the only one out there who sacrifices comfort for style.  If you're a fashionista who isn't afraid to pour yourself into some spanx or teeter around in some platforms share some love below.  Us crazies need to stick together.

Here's to hoping I regain feeling in all my appendages and that all you crazy kids have a fantastic weekend.



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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking for Me?

I'm not here.

I'm taking over Living in Yellow today.  Have to say:  I'm pretty psyched about it since I have a major blog crush on Erin and all...

You can find me here talking about my personal shopping business and offering a fab giveaway:

Click me.



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