Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bad for Me - Good for You?

So, I got my beautiful Matthew Williamson maxi dress today  (the one I won for $2 at The Outnet's sale) and its gorgeous, so much prettier in person, super comfortable, and WAY too big for me.  Ugh!  I'm so sad!
I can't believe I have to part with this :(


Button Detail

See, I've lost weight.  I used to wear a size 8, but now I'm more like a size 4 (at least in dresses)- and for whatever reason can't seem to grasp that fact when buying clothes.  While this is bad for me, it has the potential to be really good for you (especially if you wear a size 8 to 10 US) because (drumroll please) I am selling it on ebay. Yay!  The dress retailed for $1270.00; I started the bidding at $99.99 and included a buy it now option for $399.99.

You can view the listing here:  Buy my dress!

Please forward this to any of your friends who might be interested.  It is a beautiful dress and deserves a good home with an owner who can actually wear her.  I'll be sure to keep you posted as to when she sells and for how much.  Happy bidding!

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