Monday, April 30, 2012

Reality Check

What writing my blog looks like in my head:

[megan mcnierney by andrew yee for marie claire us supplement may 2012 via visual optimism]
Borrowed from This Is Glamorous

What writing my blog actually looks like:


I know I's about time! I'm finally on Bloglovin!
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Awkward Self Portraits

So, it would be AWESOME if I had a professional photographer who followed me around.  Outfit posts for my blog would be a piece of cake!  It would be even more awesome if said photographer babysat in between photo shoots.  Alas I do not have a photographer on staff (or a babysitter for that matter), which means either 1.  I need to con the hubby into taking pics of me while kids are screaming in background. Or 2.  I take awkward self portraits during nap time.  Since I need to bolt out of the house the second the hubs gets home from work today, I'm stuck with option B.

I should probably figure out how to use the timer on my camera, then I might be able take a picture of my entire outfit.   Seeing as it is nap time and the gremlins can awake at any moment, I'll leave that task for another day.  Besides, seeing random head shots and my outfit in sections is more fun.  Well probably not that fun, but definitely self-deprecating...

I digress.  Tonight I'm styling for a photo shoot at Fahsye, zipping over to Brighton for a Big City Bags and Jewelry open house, and then picking up a girlfriend in the city to go see Jersey Boys (got a great deal on tickets through Groupon).  Anywho, this is what I'm wearing.  Drum roll please.
Tried something new with the 'do
Half smile?
Maybe if I lean over?  Nah awkward
Sorry Jenn, the head tilt isn't helping...
Not bad, but I cut off the bottom of my hair
Look off to the side?... nah lame
Watch shot, staring off into space = even worse and as
I re-read this I can't help but think of how much
watch shot sounds like crotch shot...
Not sure what is happening.  Did I drop something?
Stop looking at my muffin top.
I call this "Computer on Floor Shoe Closeup"
So this is the part where I call to my fellow fashion bloggers for advice.  How do you take pictures of yourself?  I need help.  Lots and lots of help!

Oh and since inquiring minds might want to know, I am wearing Banana Republic earrings, Lauren Conrad for Kohls sweater, a.n.a. jeans via JC Penney, Poetic License shoes (my favs) via Lilipad Creations, vintage bag and ring, and wedding band and engagement ring designed by my hubby at Cornell's.

The end.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who Wore What? ~ Smile for Hope 2012

Today marked the third annual Smile for Hope event at Eagle Vale to benefit Safe Journey, a local non-profit for victims of domestic violence.  The event was organized by Jennifer Lathrop of Sweet Pickle Photography.

For a $30.00 donation, families received a portrait sitting and a digital photo by Sweet Pickle. They ate,  shopped, and raised money for a great cause.  All of the vendors were local women business owners and there was a representative from Safe Journey there with information about the organization.  It was great to see so many people come together for a lovely afternoon to raise money and awareness for domestic violence prevention.

In addition to shopping, raising money for charity, selling raffle tickets, and shamelessly promoting my blog, I couldn't help but spy out some great fashion.  Look at who wore what at Smile for Hope:
Erin Roth at her Scentsy booth.
Eshakti dress, Payless shoes,
FahSye mango wood bracelet, Joel Halen glass necklace
Sarena Gates (left) in Wet Seal dress, Rue 21 shoes,
and Motives Cosmetics.
Hair and makeup by Katie Altobelli (right)
Katie, owner of Beautiful You, in an Outback Red dress,
Lia Sophia bracelet, and Dankso shoes.  
Close up of Sarena's hair.  Side View.
Back View
Sara Eck, bargain shopper and owner of
Big City Bags and Jewelry.
You should have seen my face when she told me
she bought her dress  at Sears for $3.99!
She paired it with black boots, vintage leggings,
and a bag and jewelry from her own collection.  
Love the layered bracelets!!!
Fun, affordable, vintage style jewels.
(Most of her jewelry is under $19!)
Amy Michaels (another frugal fashionista) told me that
everything she was wearing was $10 or less!!!
 TJ Maxx boots, jeans and top from the VOA,
 Target dress and jewelry from Big City.
Brandie Antenucci looked so put together
 in this casual, cool look.  
Crocs shoes, Banana Republic jeans and sweater,
Limited scarf, Coach clutch, and Pandora bracelet.
And here's what I wore:

Anthropologie dress and belt, DKNY tights,
Aldo shoes, Stacey Kay Collection earrings,
vintage ring and bracelet.
Accessory Close Up
A huge thank to you to all the lovely ladies who let me photograph them and feature them on my blog and to everyone to who came out to support Smile for Hope.  Stay tuned for more editions of "Who Wore What" on the Flower City Fashionista blog.  Can't wait to promote individual style and local businesses in Rochester!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Me Time

This bracelet came on my annual birthday coupon from Anthropologie.

With two kiddos under three it hasn't been this time for a while! 

Well I've got a big birthday coming up (the dirty thirty) and I think I deserve some "me time" while I'm still in my twenties.  My husband asked me what I wanted and I said a hotel room.  He proceeded to get excited so I had to clarify.  "No, Steve. I want a hotel room that I can go to BY MYSELF.  I'm thinking spa treatment, book and sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG."  Poor guy.  

 Any other suggestions?  I've got 6 weeks before I hit the big 3-0 so in the words of Jack Dawson I better:  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red Pineapple

Short post today.  This is my first time using an Instagram pic and the Blogger app on my phone. Yay!

Just wanted to share this new necklace I bought for under $25 at Red Pineapple boutique in St. Augustine:
Red Pineapple Necklace, Old Navy top, Forever 21 Cardigan
Photo:  FourSquare
Photo:  FourSquare
Photo:  FourSquare
Photo:  Red Pineapple's facebook page.
Don't you just love the look and feel of this store?  Vintage-style, feminine clothing, delicate jewelry, and quirky decor. Bliss! If you are ever in St. Augustine, Florida be sure to wander down St. George Street and explore this little gem.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why Can't Money Grow on Trees?

Jenny Wants 4/12

Daisy dress
$168 -

$78 -

Earnest Sewn 5 pocket pants
$188 -

Joe's Jeans skinny leg jeans
$158 -

J.Crew j crew shorts
$45 -

Tory Burch strappy leather sandals
$225 -

Lauren Ralph Lauren platform shoes
$129 -

TOMS ballerina shoes
$79 -

Coach crossbody handbag
$118 -

Gold charms pendant
$250 -

$36 -

Lemon Drop Chandeliers
$38 -

Monday, April 16, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

Pick up any fashion magazine and you are bound to read about leopard print working as a neutral.  Now, I'm from New Jersey: home of big hair, loud mouths, fist-pumping, and anything but neutral leopard prints.  When overdone, it becomes a fashion disaster.  See our friends Snooki and Deena below:  
Yikes!  Photo:  Hearty Magazine
There is NOTHING neutral about these animal prints!
I think people shy away from animal prints because they don't know how to wear them.  When used as accent pieces, they can add a little pizzaz to your wardrobe.  They are fun, flirty, and go with almost anything.  I understand why you might be hesitant to take advice from a Jersey girl who spent her teen years sleeping in this bedroom:
Yes, this was really my room.
Yes, that is leopard bedding.
And yes, that is the infamous Titanic wall.
I assure you that my taste in animal prints has matured over time.  Now, I no longer sleep on leopard sheets, but incorporate animal prints into my wardrobe in the form of a ballet flat, belt, bag or blouse.  It absolutely can work as a neutral and be quite classy.  

Here is what I wore yesterday:  

GAP jeans and cardigan, Old Navy tank, Artwark earrings,
Micheal Kors watch, Forever 21 ring, Dior glasses
I could have easily paired this outfit with a solid button down or tank, but the leopard print adds visual interest and best of all:  I got this sleeveless blouse for $10 at Old Navy.  Score!  It's a fun, verstatile, and a budget-friendly addition to my wardrobe and proof that you can update your look for spring without breaking the bank.
I bought this ring for less than $5 a few years ago.
Adds some sparkle and ties the look together.
Disclaimer:  I apologize for the crappy photo quality.  I snapped these really quickly using photo booth.
Glasses close up.
(Yes, they are prescription and I should probably wear them more often.)
Want some more ideas of how to make this trend work for you?  Here is a great collection of looks that use leopard as a neutral:

How do you incorporate animals prints into your wardrobe?  Or do you avoid them at all costs?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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