Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Now Eyebrow?

When Bad Brows Happen to Good People:
My Eyebrow History in Pictures

Au Natural Circa 1997

Ode to McDonalds' Golden Arches Circa 2000

Not Quite Right Circa 2002

Finally!  Brows to Make Anyone Proud 2006-Present
Eyebrow maintenance should be a key element of any beauty regime, but unfortunately so many women either neglect or abuse their brows.  Eyebrows frame your eyes and can either enhance your natural beauty or detract from it.  I allowed my eyebrows to sabotage my face for years, but no more.

For me, it has been a long, rough rode, to a well-sculpted brow.  I rocked the natural look, spent years trying to tweeze them myself, and had a few unfortunate incidents at nail salons.  One time I walked out with one short fat eyebrow and one long skinny one.  It was horrid.  I finally found someone who sculpted my brows beautifully and couldn't believe the difference in my appearance.  I was so impressed, I drove 35 minutes each way for years to have my brows done.

Now that I live in Rochester, I go to Brow Diva in Pittsford.  I still remember my first appointment with Ryan Grevell.  He waxed, he tweezed, he sculpted, and handed me the mirror.  They were perfect!  Hallelujah!  

Ryan is not only a well-skilled brow sculptor, but also fun and easy to talk to (not to mention he has the patience of a saint when I bring my rambunctious, almost two-year-old to appointments).  I refer all of my Beauty by Jenny clients to him and can not say enough good things.

So, if you feel your brows could use some professional help, please call Brow Diva to schedule your appointment with Ryan.  I've learned that when it comes brows, it is worth paying a little extra to have the best of the best.  Think about it:  you wear your face every day and deserve to be the most beautiful "you" you can be.  Bad brows can happen to good people, please don't let them happen to you.

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  1. You are so clever...this made me laugh out loud! I went to the Brow Diva herself for quite some time and I did love her. I started managing it myself though, bc its so expensive and I had too many bad experiences to go anywhere else. After reading this, I thik I will go back!


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