Friday, April 8, 2011

Too Pretty for PJs?

I'm OBSESSED with Anthropologie.  In a perfect world, I would win the lottery, and then proceed to buy everything in the store. Since their prices are a tad steep for my near negligible budget, I am constantly stalking their sale rack.  (The Eastview store does markdowns every other Tuesday).  I got this Eloise "Under the Rug" chemise on sale for $29.50.  It's sold out online, but they had two or three on the rack as of Wednesday.  

I realize that technically this is meant to be "lounge wear," but I'll be wearing it out.  It is definitely too pretty to be housebound, besides I think my flannel jammies would get jealous if I started sleeping in this!

What do you think?  Too pretty for pjs?

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