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  1. Hi, Jenny. My name is Jenni and I am just starting on this journey with my two year old son, Blake. It was so encouraging to hear your son's story. My son was just diagnosed with Apraxia a few weeks ago and I am up to my ears researching. I am really interested in the SPEAK program and the center, as Blake begins using Kaufman in his speech sessions. We live many miles away in SC. I would love to know more about the best way to see if Blake could be given this opportunity. I know in your blog post you talked about it was worth every penny. I would love to know a bit more about price before I bring this up to my husband and What your prospective is on the best first steps! Any guidance you could give me about helping my little boy find his voice would be greatly appreciated and treasured. 
    Thank you
    Jenni Clay
    I wanted to send you my e-mail address but I didn't know how to do it without it showing up for everyone 

    1. Hi Jenni!

      I know how overwhelming this all can be! Please free feel to email me anytime: jennifersanzo@yahoo.com - I'd also recommend joining the apraxia parent group on facebook... it's a great support system: https://www.facebook.com/groups/apraxia.kids.group/

      Looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. Jenny,
    I just stumbled upon your blog after seeing a retweet for your fashion giveaway from another blogger. When I saw the Apraxia section on your blog, I couldn't believe it.
    My 15yr sold son was diagnosed with apraxia at age 18mos (so long ago!). He had a vocab of maybe 5 words at the time and poor motor muscle coordination (he never crawled before walking). We went through early childhood intervention - speech therapy 3x week, occupational therapy 2x week, and childhood psychology therapy 1x week. Even endured a surgery to clip his frenum (gave his tongue more movement). I attended conferences across the country & utilized every resource I could find (long before technology offered us any help). We taught him sign language, made menu boards for meals, made him wear an id bracelet (after he wondered off in a store & couldn't tell the store associate that found him his name), etc.
    He slowly added words & began to develop muscle coordiantion (saying "dad", holding a crayon properly, and catching a ball were our big milestones). Therapy continued through elementary school & middle school.
    Today he is a high school sophomore, a varsity baseball player (major colleges have begun to recruit him) and excellent public speaker ~ he led the the incoming freshman orientation this year, speaks in front of the school for pep rallies, and even dj's parties & weddings with no fear of speaking to a a large goup of strangers! People are shocked when we mention his history of apraxia.
    So, know that everything you are doing WILL & DOES make a difference! I wish you the same success that we had ~ the ability to look back & smile when someone mentions apraxia, and know that it does not have to label/define your child forever!
    Best of luck,
    ~ Kim Cole

    1. Kim! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to write me this note and give me such hope and encouragement. I cried. I re-read it. I emailed it to my husband and then I cried again. It is so good to hear from people who have walked this journey before me - thank you - I needed this. I can't wait to write a note like this one day. Good job apraxia warrior mama. Good. Job. xoxo Jenny


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