Friday, April 15, 2011

Outnet $2 Birthday Sale Victory

The Outnet $2 Birthday Sale was by far one of the most exciting shopping experiences of my life.  I (of course) made a virtual beeline for the bags (which were selling out faster than I could click) then I went for shoes  (same result).  So my third plan of attack was dresses, fell in love with a Valentino gown:  sold out.  Then I spotted this Matthew Williamson printed cotton maxi dress.  I am loving maxi dresses right now and this one is just so wearable.  It my hysteria I can't remember the original retail price, but it was somewhere around $1200 - and I paid $2 for it!  There was even free shipping!  This high should carry me through the rest of the weekend.

Big thanks to all of you who registered to win a ticket to the sale with my link.  I only earned a ticket because I was a top 200 sharer, so I have all of you to thank.  I can't wait to get it and try it on - keep your fingers crossed that it fits.  If not, ebay here we come!


  1. Omg congrats, I love the dress you got!! I ended up with a Miu Miu dress, so happy I found something in my size! What a crazy sale! :)


  2. #1 what does it mean to be a maxi dress?
    #2 what is outnet, like an outlet online?
    #3 how can a dress that sells for $1200 ever sell for $2?

  3. 1. A long dress (as in the opposite of mini)
    2. Outnet is a high fashion online outlet ( check it out GREAT deals
    3. The $2 sale was their anniversary sale and it was not open to the public. You had to either earn a ticket (which I did by sharing it with the most people) or win one in a random drawing. So I won. So you had to win a contest to shop the sale...and you could only buy one thing...and you were competing against the other winners for items... but it was AWESOME! Does that make sense?

  4. PS- Ashley (who commented before you) of Breakfast at Saks (another fashion blog - and she's a rochester girl too) also won ticket to the sale by being a top sharer... you can check out the 2000 miu miu dress she got for $2 on her page

  5. NICE! I wish I got the tribal print matthew williamson dress sadly it sold out in .00001 second lmao. I hope it fits!


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