Friday, May 27, 2011

Expanding Waistline Ahead

Hello readers!  Sorry for not posting yesterday, but my posts will be somewhat sporadic these next few months, as I have an exciting announcement to make.

I'm pregnant with baby number two!  Yay!

So the good news is obvious, the bad news:  I'm not a very good pregnant person.  I get pretty sick and am already feeling the negative effects of this pregnancy, so I will not be able to post at the same frequency I used to.  I'll be cutting back, but will try my hardest to keep you up to date with current fashion trends, local deals, and the challenges of dressing my expanding figure.

Thanks for understanding!


PS - For your viewing pleasure, this is me (being secretly videotaped by my friend's husband) finding out I am pregnant - AFTER having a glass of wine with dinner.  Welcome to my life. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zoe Report

Today's Zoe Report was just too good not to share. It's like Shoedazzle and Sole Society, but for jewelry. Yes, please! Plus it includes a fabulous discount offer that I just had to pass along. Enjoy!

The Zoe  Report
MAY 24, 2011
Show Me The Jewels
Show Me The Jewels

There is no conversation starter quite like that of a brilliant piece of jewelry, which is why I am such a fan of the monthly jewelry club, JewelMint. Taking the fashion community by storm, the members-only service (free to join!) created by Kate Bosworth provides personalized, on-trend gem selections based on your unique style. Hooked! Join the club today and as a new customer, you will receive 50% off your first purchase with promo codeRZ50.

With an infinite number of gorgeous treasures to choose from, there is one piece that catches my eye, the Rachel Bilson Earrings! A safety pin style with dazzling purple gemstones, they are a totally gorgeous add-on to any look. Even chicer, for every pair purchased, 50% of the proceeds are donated to Rachel's charity of choice, Invisible Children. Mah-jor! Sign up forJewelMint now to shop the Rachel Bilson Earrings and countless other jaw-dropping pieces. Show me the jewels! xoRZ
Rachel Zoe

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bikini Steal

I was quite proud of myself for snagging this adorable neon yellow bikini for $14.99 at the Beall's outlet in Palm Coast Florida over April break.  

Me and the hubs on the beach

Me having a 16 year old girl moment and taking pictures of myself in said bikini.
Then I realized that H&M swim separates start at $4.95 each.  Damn!  Outdone again.  Way to ruin swim suit shopping for me forever, H&M.  Now I won't think a bathing suit is a good deal unless the whole thing costs under $10!  The good news:  their suits are really cute and there is a H&M right at Eastview Mall. 

Here are a few examples of the great suits that you can get for under $10:

When I was at the Eastview store Sunday night they still had a great selection, but I'd hurry if I were you.  At that price they won't be around for long.

Monday, May 23, 2011

ROC'n the Runway Part 2

For your viewing pleasure, some more pics from Friday night's Peek @ Blue:

Me and the lovely Fon Sakulsurarat, graphic designer and photographer extraordinaire.  
See her work here:
and here:
Me and the hubs (that's his game face)
I'm wearing a Banana Republic dress and can not for the life of me remember where I got those earrings...
Hair by Jessica Shade of Oggi Domani Salon in Pittsford
The Fashion Show

Everything I am wearing is for sale at Blue
The skirt on this gown is gorgeous!
If anyone else has pictures to share, please email them to me at  I'd also like to send a big virtual thank you to everyone at Blue and ABVI/Goodwill for letting me be a part of such a wonderful event.  I'll be sending good karma and ready shoppers your way. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ROC'n the Runway Part 1

I didn't fall down!  Wooo hooo!  I did wail a photographer in the face with my lilac bouquet [read:  table centerpiece] but other than that, my first runway modeling experience was a success.  It was so much fun.  I can't even begin to tell how what an amazing job the people at ABVI-Goodwill have done with this store.  The boutique is gorgeous, the selection: spectacular, and the prices: outrageous.  The best part is that all of the proceeds go to charity.   

Here are some highlights from Friday night's Peek @ Blue.  Everything was done to perfection.  Bravo!

The models:
Katrina Irwin-News 8
Rachel Barnhart-13WHAM
Nikki Rudd-News 10 NBC
Nicole Casciani-Via Giarsole/Pittsford Wines
Steve Vogt-Rochester Young Professionals
Jason Roberts-Rochester Victory Alliance
and me!!!  Jennifer Sanzo-The Flower City Fashionista
Here is the video the hubs took with his phone.  Horrific quality, but you get the idea.  To watch a professional video of the fashion show click here:  Peek @ Blue Fashion Show.

Dear engaged women of Rochester, 
Make sure you check out the selection at Blue before buying a gown.  Why pay $3000+ for a dress when you can pay $300?  There is a full rack of donated designer samples (including the lovely gown I wore) and they are gorgeous.  And just think of the fabulous honeymoon you can go on if you save a bundle on your dress!  Win-win!

So now that Blue is open to the public, I'm dying to know what everyone thinks:  were you blown away?  How crazy was the crowd at the grand opening this morning?  And perhaps even more importantly, what did you buy????  

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hey everyone!  Just finished packing things up from the sale for Golisano Children's Hospital.  So far we've raised $300.  I'd love to more than double that tomorrow.  With the weather looking up I think we just might.  $1000 is the goal!

Again I apologize for the lack of content.  I barely have time to get changed before heading to Blue for hair and makeup for tonight's fashion show, where I will make my runway debut!  Ha!  Wish me luck!

Will fill you in with all the happenings at Blue and tons of photos tomorrow!

Thanks for all the support!


Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, the truth is, I'm running a yard/bake sale for MOMS Club of Fairport to raise money for Golisano Children's Hospital tomorrow and Saturday.  Since I've been setting up all day today and will be working the sale all day tomorrow, I can't promise any exciting least not until Saturday.

You see, Friday night I am making my runway modeling debut at Blue's Pre-Launch Party (in a wedding gown no less).  Please pray I don't fall down!  I'll definitely be blogging about my experience in Saturday's post, but as for today and tomorrow, you're going to have to deal with content that I did not write.  I know I know.  Lame-o!

So today, I rip off Rachel Zoe (God love her).  Keep in mind that I am only borrowing content so that I can raise money for charity.  (That makes it all ok).  If you would like to donate to Golisano Children's Hospital click here:  I'd love to help!  For those of you who actually read this blog for its fashion and beauty content, here is today's Zoe Report.  Enjoy.

Hi RZ,

I am feeling "snoozy" about my beauty routine and want to change it up for summer. What cool new products should I try? Thanks! –Britney, via Submit A Question


Brace yourself, because I have an abundance of fresh beauty loot for you to explore! New on the scene for summer are body bronzers, punchy polishes and flirty scents that will prettify you to per-fec-tion. Check 'em out below and gear up to get gorgeous. xoRZ

1. Healthy Glow Summer Powder ($46) by Dior: Achieve sun-kissed skin at the stroke of a brush with this lightweight powder compact.

2. Body Illuminator ($45) by NARS: Formulated with Mono├» de Tahiti Oil, this illuminating body bronzer will make you glow from head to toe! Get free shipping on yours here.

3. Shinebox Highlight and Shimmer Collection ($39) by Ultraflesh: A versatile addition to any makeup bag, this set can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks.

4. Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow ($62) by Givenchy: Recreate the bold looks seen on this season's runways with Givenchy's multi-colored palette.

5. Flighty Zoom Lash ($14) by MAC: Available in classic black and three eye-catching hues, this limited-edition mascara is mah-jor!

6. Aqua Liner ($23) by Make Up For Ever: A waterproof eyeliner is a must in the summertime—love the rainbow of hues available from Make Up For Ever.

7. Splash Scent in Ginger ($68) by Marc Jacobs: Switch out your go-to scent for summer with this travel-inspired splash!

8. Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream ($24) by Fekkai: Keep beach frizz at bay with Fekkai's newest hair weapon.

9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun Nail Polish ($16) by Deborah Lippmann: Coral is one of my all-time favorite shades for summer; Deborah Lippmann shows us how it's done with this fetching color.

10. Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ($40) by Bobbi Brown: This 3-in-1 tinted moisturizer offers your skin sun protection, hydration and natural coverage. Obsessed!
Availability: Shop Beauty In Bloom now at


Rachel Zoe

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane?

Tis the season (almost) for summer vacations, and if you're like me, packing can be a daunting task.  What to bring?  What to bring?  Wonder no more.  Daily Candy has the perfect tips for traveling light this summer.  Here is their list of what to bring for a long weekend getaway.  Note:  my personal comments appear in pink.

Everything You Need for a Warm-Weather Three-Day Getaway by Irania Urbinati
The Basics
3 pairs of socks
4 pairs of undies
2 bras (“I always stash one of my aunt Laura Urbinati’s bikinis — you can wear the top under tees.”)
The Pieces1 white button-up (“You can wear it long over jean shorts, as a bathing suit cover, or tied over your shorts or chinos.”)
2 tank tops
2 tees (“The Proenza Schouler ones are the best. They’re even cute to sleep in.”) If you like sleeping in a $200 + t-shirt - I'll stick to Old Navy.
1 pair of chinos (“There are a million good pairs at J.Crew right now.”)
1 pair of skinny jeans
1 pair of denim cutoffs (“I love Double RL Vintage or Current/Elliott.”) I got a really cute pair at H&M.
1 pair of shorts (cotton or linen)
1 long dress (“I wear my Daughters of the Revolution Butterfly dress in the city, the country, daytime, or dinner. It’s good for everything.”)
1 skirt
1 short dress
1 jacket (“Boy by Band of Outsiders blazer or a leather jacket from ASOS — pick your battles.”)
1 long cardigan
1 pair of sandals or espadrilles
1 pair of ballet flats (“Gap makes great ones you can toss in your carry-on.”)
1 pair of nude heels (“They go with everything and make your legs look crazy long.”) I need a pair.  Not sure how I've lived this long without them.
The Extras 1 straw hat (“I wore a BCBGeneration boater — minus the bead embellishment — during my wedding weekend.”)
1 pair of sunglasses
1 scarf
Bracelets (“Made Her Think cuffs always make the right statement.”)
1 pair of stud earrings
1 pair of gold hoops (“Necklaces aren’t practical; they just get tangled up.”) I've never had a problem.  I make sure the clasps are closed and put each necklace in its own mini plastic baggie.
The Beauty
1 toiletry bag (“A neutral Bare bag doubles as a clutch.”)
Facial cleansing pads (takes up less space than a bottle of cleanser)
Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (love Mary Kay's)
Lip balm (“Dr Pepper Lip Smacker is heaven.”)
Blush (Love NARS orgasm)
Blemish treatment (“Mario Badescu drying lotion never fails.”)
Toothbrush and toothpaste (bad breath is never in style)
Deodorant  (I wear mens deodorant - otherwise I stink - B.O. isn't pretty)
Body lotion
Hair bands
1 scrunchie (Who wears scrunchies?  I vote for a good old hair tie instead)
1 headband
Shampoo and conditioner (“Nothing will ruin your weekend like a bad hair day.”) True story.
The Baggage 
1 day bag (“I don’t go anywhere without a Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Clutch.”)
1 nighttime clutch
1 large carryall
1 carry-on trolley (“I like to check my wheely bag and carry on the carryall — it’s faster to get through security this way, and the tote can double as a beach or grocery bag when you finally get where you’re going.”)
The Day Of
“The goal is to be comfy whilst looking put together and not bringing more stuff and getting through security fast — i.e., no belts, jewelry, or complicated shoes. I usually wear Raven skinny cargos for comfort, a nice (read: not sloppy) tee, and a cashmere sweater. I wear laceless Keds, so they’re easy to slip off at security. But you can still wear little hidden socks.”
The Day Of (My tip)

I'm also a big fan of being comfortable without looking like a total slob. I tend to wear pieces that take up the most room: Usually a skinny jean, tee, chunky sweater (I'm always cold), and my chunkiest shoes (boot or wedge). I can't not wear jewelry, so I take the extra 30 seconds to take off my accessories when I go through security. I figure I have to wait for every spaz that travels like they have never been to an airport before, so they can wait for me to unzip my boots and pull out my earrings... just saying.

What about you?  Have any good traveling advice?  Or do need your own person bellhop when you travel?
Paris Hilton in "The Opposite of Packing Light"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kiss Me Kate!

Happy Birthday to me!   Happy Birthday to me!  Happy Birthday to meeee-heeee!  Happy Birthday to me!

Ok so my birthday isn't actually until next week, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start shopping for my present(s).

For those of you living under a rock, Kate Spade is having a sample sale!  Up to 75% off!!!  Don't dilly dally, quantities are limited and the sale ends Thursday.

Ahhh "75% off"- If that isn't music to my ears, I don't know what is.  Especially seeing as I do not own a Kate.  I know, weird, right?  Well that is all about to change because when I found out that on top of sample sale prices and $5 flat rate shipping, I could get an extra 3.5% cash back by shopping through ebates...I couldn't resist.

I bought the La Casita Camden in black.  It retailed for $425, but I paid $189.  Now, I use the term "I" loosely - my mom bought it for me for my birthday  (cue the happy birthday song).  It was a great deal and it is gorgeous.  I've been looking for a black satchel for a while and this one was just screaming my name.  I mean we are talking smooth shiny goathide with matching trim, 14K gold plated hardware, the most adorable lining, and five exterior zipper pockets!

Seriously, look at it.  Don't you love it?

Do you want one too?  Get yours here.
How cute is the lining?!

I can't wait for my bag to arrive!!!  I love bags - they hold your stuff, keep you organized, and no matter how much chocolate you eat, they always fit.  It's the perfect birthday gift!

What about you?  Buy yourself any good presents lately?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Boobies

A wise woman once said "a good bra is worth its weight in gold."  Wait, maybe it was me who said that.  Either way, it is an absolute truth.  There are many benefits to a good bra including better posture, better-fitting clothes, and better overall comfort.  Not to mention that a good-fitting bra can make you look 5 to 10 pounds lighter!  Do I have your attention now?

If you have never been fitted by a professional, chances are you are wearing the wrong size.  And if you were fitted years ago and have since had a baby, chances are even higher that you are walking around in a bra that doesn't fit.  Apparently 70% of women are wearing the wrong size. Who knew?

Lucky for you, Embrasse-Moi in Pittsford has partnered with Groupon to offer a $50 gift certificate for $25.  That's right a half price bra, and someone there will be happy to fit you so that you can get one that actually fits.  Bravo!  Now, here is the only hitch - this is not the "featured deal" on Groupon today, so when you click the link it will automatically go to today's featured deal.  All you have to do is click "all deals" on the top of the page and the Embrasse-Moi deal will appear on the bottom of the page.  Click that and shop away.   Oh and do it fast... the deal is only good for about 24 more hours.

In addition the Groupon deal, there are other exciting things going on at Embrasse-Moi this weekend.  I'm talking free fittings, sales, free panties, and cash back to spend at a later visit.  Woooo hooo!  Your boobies will be so happy!

For more information on how to get a perfect-fitting bra click here:  happy boobies.  Oh, did I mention they have their own blog?  (Embrasse-Moi not the happy boobies).   To read the Embrasse-Moi's blog click here:  le blog.  

Seriously, take my advice: get fitted and get a new bra.  You will be amazed at the difference.   Here is some inspiration from Breakout Bras: (there motto is "size does matter" ha!)

Convinced yet?  Go ahead, get the Groupon deal and head to Embrasse-Moi this weekend.  Your boobies deserve to be happy and once you get a bra that fits, you'll be a lot happier too!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Sweater - Two Looks

I love taking pieces I already have to create new looks; I also like to travel light.  So these looks actually have more in common than my favorite (new) old man sweater.  Both outfits feature the same sweater, earrings, watch, tights, vintage ring and cowboy boots; yet each look has its own unique feel.

Here I am yesterday in Central Park:

Aldo sunglasses, garage sale earrings, Old Navy bag,
Forever 21 dress,  Moth cardigan via Anthropologie, Anthropologie belt,
Movado watch, vintage ring, DKNY tights, Target cowboy boots, 

The inscription on the bench... how sweet! 

Here I am this morning at Englewood Cemetery:
garage sale earrings, handmade scarf,
Moth cardigan via Anthropologie,   Antropologie Wightwick Manor Dress,
Movado watch, vintage ring, DKNY tights, Target cowboy boots 
The first outfit I wore yesterday in New York City.  I spent the afternoon walking around Central Park and met some friends for dinner at Stecchino wine bar and bistro in Hell's Kitchen.  The second outfit I wore to a memorial service for my great aunt Virginia.  I think verstatile peices are the key to any wardrobe.  When you can mix and match what you have to create many different looks, your closet just seems bigger.

With that said, I have to know:  which look did you like best?

Here is Thursday's Post:

Ugh!  I was so frustrated.  Blogger was down most of  Thursday and Friday!!! Grrrrrr!!!

Well without further ado, here is Thursday's post:

It was another beautiful spring day in New Jersey:  met a friend for breakfast, played with my son at the park, and headed to (you guessed it) McDonald's to use their wifi.  

Here is what I wore:

Aldo sunglasses, Artwark earrings, Old Navy jacket,
Odille top via Anthropologie, a.n.a jeans via JC Penney,
Old Navy bag, Michael Kors watch, Isaac Mizrahi for Target sandals
Bag Detail
New Pose
Sans Jacket and Bag
Everything I am wearing (save the earrings and watch) were bought on sale.  You can absolutely dress well on a budget.  So get out there and scour those sale racks!  Just the other day I scored a pair of black suede strappy Beverly Feldman sandals for $30 at Last Call by Neiman Marcus at Woodbury Commons.  They retailed for $195 - gosh I love a good deal!  
What about you?  Find any good deals lately?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writer's Block

I'm so sorry readers!  I have nothing!  I'm in NJ with no internet  (at McDonald's using wifi again) and have limited time to write:  the pressure is getting to me!  Ha!  I promise to have something worth reading tomorrow.  I promise.

I guess all I can do is leave you with this:

Christian Louboutin (obviously)
I'll probably never own a pair, but just looking at them brings a smile to my face :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ride 'em Cowboy

I really love my cowboy boots.  I bought them at Target a good five or six years ago and my love for them has grown exponentially over the years.  Right now I love wearing them with sundresses.  It's casual, comfortable, and easy!  (Not to mention they hide the fact that I am desperate need of a pedicure).  Bonus!

Here is how I made them work today:  
FYI:  I paid less than $100 for the entire outfit!

Target cowboy boots, DKNY tights, Old Navy dress, 
Bailey 44 cardigan via Anthropologie, Aldo Sunglasses, garage sale earrings, Lovebugs ring

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue to the Rescue

Good morning!  I'm sitting in Mc Donald's in Ringwood NJ using their wifi because even though it is 2011, my parents do not have the internet; they don't even own a computer!  I shouldn't complain though.  Coming here is like a mini vacation.  The radio is on - I've got a cup of coffee (which isn't nearly as bad as I anticipated) and I have not yet been tempted to eat anything deep fried.  It's going to be a great day!

Had a great Mother's Day (even with the drive to NJ).  Went to church, drove 5 hours with a (well-behaved) two year old in the back seat, had a lovely dinner at Arta, and then visited with an old friend.   We sat in my old room, talked about boys and tried on each other's clothes- it was like I never left.  She tried on my anthro tops and target shoes, while I tried on her Prada, YSL, LV, and Chanel.  Ha!  The only problem with spending time with this dear friend and her fabulous wardrobe, is that it makes me want to shop.  And I mean makes me want to buy things like this:
Anyone want to give me $1,820.00?  Anyone?

and this:

Burberry London
Marystow Double Breasted Trenchcoat
Let's be honest:  I can't afford either.  Not.Even.Close.

This is why I am so excited about Blue!  Don't know what Blue is?  It's a Goodwill Boutique - I know I know, it sounds like an oxymoron.  However, the more I read about it the more interested I become.  Listen:  "If you think our one-of-a-kind designer apparel, shoes and home decor look good, wait 'til you see how good it feels.  Because every dollar you spend at blue goes right back into the community. and each time you cleanse your closet and replenish our boutique, you're also saving gorgeous threads and housewares from life in a landfill.  It's a revival:  for your wardrobe, your community, your planet.  If the blue fits, it feels good from the inside out."  So in essence, when you shop at Blue you're saving money on designer duds, giving back to those in need, and helping the environment?  How can you go wrong?  I can't wait to check it out.

The "style revival" begins Saturday May 21 at 9 am at 3350 Monroe Ave across from Pittsford Plaza.  Want to get in before the doors open to the public?  Join me for Peek @ Blue - a pre-launch party for young professionals 21 and older on Friday May 20th from 6-9pm.  There will be free drinks and food, a fashion show with local celebs, and lots of prizes.  You can rsvp here:  I'm coming!

Still want to know more about Blue?  Read yesterday's write up in the Democrat and Chronicle by clicking here:  Blue.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hot Mama

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  In the spirit of celebrating mamas, I thought I'd give you a chronological style history of my mama and me.  My apologies for the 80s hair and my fashion choices during middle school.  Enjoy!

I know I know... I was cute :)
Three Generations
Possibly my worst look ever...
Nice suits huh?
I wish I had a better (more stylish) recent picture of my mom and I,
but this one from Disney in February will have to do.
Hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow!  Remember:  "if mama aint happy, aint nobody happy."
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