Monday, October 8, 2012

The Fabulous Life

Being a blogger definitely has its perks.  Like getting to try top of the line beauty products, and being able to drink on the job.  Did I just say that out loud?!  Anywho...

I don't think it's any secret that I love makeup.  I'm sure you can imagine how psyched I was to try all of these goodies on for size.  I mean AGE FIGHTING makeup... YES PLEASE!  Maybe I won't need Botox after all!

God forbid I test one product at a time, I mean who has that kind of will-power anyway?  I had to try them all immediately and photograph the entire process (obviously).

For your viewing pleasure, my step by step makeup applying experience:  (my apologies for my "before" shots)

This is what I really look like.
This is what I look like after using IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer With Collagen and Vitamins C & K
See ya later tired mommy eyes!  

What makes this product stand out is that it is a buildable formula that allows you to achieve the perfect amount of coverage.  This stuff is so good that its used by surgery patients to conceal facial bruising and swelling.  It covers dark circles, reduces puffiness, and strengthens the delicate skin of the under eye area.  It's hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and available in four shades:  light, neutral medium (on me), tan, and deep.  Retail $24.

Before Illuminizer
After using IT Cosmetics
Bye Bye Pores Anti-Aging
Airbrush Silk HD Illuminizer ($24) 

Let's keep in mind that I am taking pictures with my phone.  Feel free to send a Nikon my way at any time.  This product definitely gave my skin a healthy glow even if you can't tell from the photos.  Think JLo without the glitter/shimmer overload.  It contains silk, hydrolyzed collagen and antioxidants that hydrate, condition, and nourish your skin.  It's talc-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, oil-free (that's a lot of frees!) won't clog your pores and is hypoallergenic for all you ladies with sensitive skin.   Unlike other powders, it didn't settle into my lines and pores as the day went on and the 100% cruelty-free Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Brush ($48) is DIVINE!

Look Ma, I have eyebrows!
After using IT Cosmetics Brow Power
Universal Transforming Longwear Eyebrow Pencil with GrowLuxe Technology.

We all know I'm a girl who takes her eyebrows seriously.  I LOVE this product.  First of all it has magical powers that let it adjust to all hair colors.  I'm not going to pretend to understand how that works, just know that it does.  Not only does it give you a natural-looking, beautifully defined brow, its waterproof, smudge resistant, and actually helps restore brow hair follicles!  Yes, it helps them grow! AND if you needed another reason to try one out yourself, for every one sold, IT Cosmetics donates one Brow Power to the Look Good Feel Better Program to help women face the effects of cancer with confidence.  I'm really starting to love not only this product line, but the company as well.

The last product I tried was my favorite of all:  mascara.  I love me some mascara.  I LOVE IT!   And this was THE BEST mascara I have tried in a LOOOOONG time.  I took a two pictures with mascara only applied to my right eye just so you could really see the difference.

Right eye:  IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes
Clinically Proben 5-in-1 Mascara
with Magic Wand Lash Ball Detailer ($24)
Okay ladies, get your minds out of the gutter,
the stuff is good, but it isn't THAT good.
Left eye:  naked 
See Above.

This stuff is unreal!  It's a natural mascara, a lash growth enhancing serum, a volumizing lash primer, a lash tint, and a lash comb and curler ALL IN ONE!  It's INSANE!  It is clinically proven to increase lash volume by 430%!!!  The proof is in the pudding - just check out the photo above.  Oh, and it's jam packed with anti-aging vitamins, amino acids, and proteins to treat and thicken lashes, powerful antioxidants to ward off free radicals and hydro-collagen and beeswax to give lashes instant length and volume.  And it's made in the USA!  Woot!  Woot!

My finished face c/o IT Cosmetics
Thank God for makeup!

Looks like IT Cosmetics found themselves a new customer!  

And since I don't believe in good products going to waste, I will be giving away one Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer (light) to one lucky reader.

Win me!

How to enter:  follow with GFC and comment below that you do.  Simple as that.  I hate to discriminate, but fair girls only.  My skin tone and darker isn't going to work out.  Better luck next time.

Hope you're having a fabulous Monday!




  1. Oh I would totally love to try that concealer! :)

  2. Would love to try anything that gets rid of morning mommy eyes!

  3. You are beautiful!! Could you please consier following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  4. I'd love to try it! :) and I'll follow GFC if I knew what that meant ;)

    1. Google Friend Connect - top right side bar under "Followers" click "join this site." :)

  5. lord knows i need some under eye concealer over here since my 6 month old still refuses to sleep!!! that mascara looks awesome too!

  6. I follow :-) and I know I'm in need/going to need it. Popping out my first kid in 3 weeks I anticipate zero sleep in my future!!!

  7. I follow! I sure could use this and we both know I am fair skinned :)

  8. I follow. And good grief, pick me! You've seen the bags under my eyes

  9. I follow...fair skinned and mother of twins = definite bags under the eyes and little sleep in my house. Can you buy these products locally? I am in need of a makeover :)

    1. Not at a store, but go to you can order everything online. They will also be on QVC
      Oct. 16th 7 AM, EST and Oct. 24th 7 AM & 12 Noon EST :)

  10. I follow :)
    GFC: mimil mila

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