Friday, October 5, 2012

On Sleeping with Celebrities

Some people sleep walk.

Some people talk in their sleep.

I cheat on my husband with Matthew McConaughey.

Sad, but true.

Last night I had a crazy/amazing Matthew McConaughey sex dream.  It was so good/real that I actually woke up feeling guilty (for cheating on my husband of course!).

As we (my husband and I not me and Matthew McConaughey) were brushing our teeth I blurt out:  "I cheated on you with Matthew McConaughey last night."  His response:  "How was it?"  Me:  "Pretty damn good."  Him:  "Good for you."  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my life.

I'm a closeted hooker.  And apparently a home-wrecker, since we're both married with children.  All I have to say if he is even close to as good in bed in real life as he is in my dreams, his wife is one lucky lady.  Besides, I'm sure he fantasizes about me too...

This is getting awkward...



Exciting product reviews coming Monday along with why I love being a blogger!

Happy Friday!



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