Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rock Out With Your Hat Out

Happy Weekend!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who linked up for my first ever Bloggers with Balls link up party!  You ladies rock!  I love seeing how everyone adds their own personal style to common pieces.  Which brings me to the premise for today's link up:  hats.  I love hats.  Knit hats, cowboys hats, baseball caps, wide-brimmed, vintage - I love 'em all. 

One of the best things about temperatures turning a little chilly is that I can break out my knits.  I'm not sure if it's the throw back to early 90s grunge or the fact that they can hide even the worst of hair days, but either way, they are a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.  

Here are some ways I've worn mine this season:

As a Pop of Color
Hat:  Forever 21
With Shades 
With faux leather Buffalo jacket, Christian Dior frames, and my Jane Eyre scarf.
Hat:  GAP
I want to see how YOU wear YOURS!

Link up and "Rock Out With Your Hat Out!"
(I know that's not grammatically correct - just go with it).




  1. I ADORE hats! But don't have any good ones. And never have the balls to wear them. And speaking of 'balls'- didn't have any of those either. :( I'm a fashion failure.


  2. this post is great - love the hat hat dear
    x the cookies

  3. Love the hat on you. I'm posting a hat pic tomorrow so I'll be linking in then.


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