Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mustard Lovin'

I'm finding that I'm sort of obsessed with the color mustard this fall.  It can be a tricky shade for me to pull off since I'm olive complected, so I need to be careful if I'm going to wear it close to my face.  Pants, tights, and accessories, however, are free game!  I'm really loving my new a.n.a. mustard skinnies!  They add a fun pop of color, plus they tell me I'm pretty and give me a pep talk every time I put them on.

No, really:
Nothing like finding a powerful affirmation in your pants.

Here is how I wore them over the weekend:

a.n.a jeans via JC Penney, Fabianelli boots via Marshalls, Old Navy bag and
chambray blouse,  anthropologie old man sweater,
Francesca's Collection bow earrings
Isn't the butterfly garden at Seneca Park Zoo so pretty?
Butterfly necklace:  Flea Market Girl via Peppermint
Wishbone necklace: c/o Artwalk
Just in case you needed another picture of me standing here and smiling...

By the way, have you seen my new Balla Bling cross bracelet?  I am in love with it and wear it every day.  My balla and Michael Kors have become fast friends.  Aren't they so cute together?

A match made in heaven

How do you feel about mustard?  Love it?  Hate it?  Just sorta meh?  What color are you excited to wear this fall?




  1. While my obsession with orange is pretty over the top, Mustard is my fav color to wear! Love the outfit.

  2. i'm obsessed with mustard too! but only in my head cuz i am scared to wear it. i bought a mustard cardigan but i haven't even taken the tags off....your jeans are SO cute! i've been totally eyeing those skinnies from ana and i really might have to just get them cuz they are super cute on you!!!

    1. a.n.a. skinnies are the best - i have jeans, black, faded black jeans, and now these... LOOOOOVE!

  3. Amazing outfit :) I love it :)

  4. I absolutely love the mustard look. I need to add it to my wardrobe soon!
    xo TJ


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