Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a Super Model

Okay, well not quite...


On Monday I teamed up with Sarah Griffith of Simply Sarah to model for Fahsye's next ad campaign! We had so much fun!  Sarah and I hit it off instantly!  Fon (photographer and owner of Fahsye) was a joy to work with and Kurt Brownell's studio was fantastic.  

I can definitely get used to this whole modeling thing!   Need a fashion blogger model?  I'm your girl. Feel free to pay me in shoes ;) 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot:

**All photos taken by Fon Sakulsurarat at Kurt Brownell Studio.  
All accessories available at Fahsye.**

Not only did I get to experience life in front of the camera, but Cooper made his modeling debut as well... only unlike his mommy, he posed topless.

And so you have something to look forward to, I'll be posting those pics tomorrow.

Smile,  you're half way to the weekend.  :)




  1. Replies
    1. I love those bags! The one Sarah is wearing is PYTHON! Looooove!


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