Friday, May 6, 2011

No Rain Day 2!

I woke up to sunshine for the second day in a row.  If you happen to live in a climate where seeing the sun is a regular occurrence, consider yourself lucky!  I'm so sick of dressing for crappy weather, so today I was thrilled to not only see sunshine, but also hear that we would hit 60 degrees by this afternoon.  Wooo hooo!  Enter: Louis Vuitton ballet flats.

I love my LV flats, sadly they do not get worn nearly enough.  I attribute this to three things.
1.  The weather often does not cooperate.
2.  While adorable, they are not the most comfortable shoes in the world.
3.  They are not exactly conducive to playgrounds and other places I find myself as the mother of a very active two year old boy.

However today was the perfect storm:  sunshine, limited walking on the agenda, and the grandparents visiting from NJ.  What do grandparents have to do with my shoe selection?  Allow me to explain.  When the grandparents are here, I get a break.  Today I was able to go to the chiropractor, Michael's (for a "choo choo train" cake pan) and Wegmans ALL BY MYSELF.  It was glorious!

So without further ado, here are the shoes:

Here is the outfit:
Anthropologie sweater, a.n.a jeans (JCPenney), Louis Vuitton ballet flats,
cdr tank top, Aldo bag and sunglasses, Movado watch
Sweater Detail
Anthropolgie Guinevere Delicate Drafts Cardigan
Bought on sale at Eastview store for $39.95!
And here is a little story about the necklace I am wearing:

It is a gold pendant with the image of Putto's Kiss by E. M. Munier (one of my favorite paintings) on the front and the quote "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved" by George Sand on the back.  My Aunt Carrie gave this to me as a wedding gift because this is what my wedding invitations looked like:

Great gift huh?  I wear it all the time; I've been married almost four years now and have yet to see one like it!  Thanks, Aunt Carrie!  You rock!


  1. Those shoes are fabulous! I like that the monogram is there but it's not crazy in your face. Very chic.

    We had a couple days of sunshine in a row, too! Today seems sunny but rain later. I'll take it though!

  2. Thanks! I've had them for years. Love them... still stuff the toes with paper towels and keep them in their dust bags :) fyi: sunshine again today! Think we might be turning the corner!


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