Friday, May 27, 2011

Expanding Waistline Ahead

Hello readers!  Sorry for not posting yesterday, but my posts will be somewhat sporadic these next few months, as I have an exciting announcement to make.

I'm pregnant with baby number two!  Yay!

So the good news is obvious, the bad news:  I'm not a very good pregnant person.  I get pretty sick and am already feeling the negative effects of this pregnancy, so I will not be able to post at the same frequency I used to.  I'll be cutting back, but will try my hardest to keep you up to date with current fashion trends, local deals, and the challenges of dressing my expanding figure.

Thanks for understanding!


PS - For your viewing pleasure, this is me (being secretly videotaped by my friend's husband) finding out I am pregnant - AFTER having a glass of wine with dinner.  Welcome to my life. Enjoy.


  1. What a cute vid! Congrats Jenny!! :))) I have a feeling it's going to be a 'baby flower city fashionista'.

  2. did you finish the glass of wine! :)

  3. LOVE the video! What a great capture. So happy for you!

  4. "Friend's husband?" I thought we were tighter than that. ;)


  5. You know I love you Nick... should I have credited you as my videographer, Nicolas Patois? :)

  6. Congrats!! That is so exciting! And that video is the cutest thing ever! I'm so happy for you!



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