Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bikini Steal

I was quite proud of myself for snagging this adorable neon yellow bikini for $14.99 at the Beall's outlet in Palm Coast Florida over April break.  

Me and the hubs on the beach

Me having a 16 year old girl moment and taking pictures of myself in said bikini.
Then I realized that H&M swim separates start at $4.95 each.  Damn!  Outdone again.  Way to ruin swim suit shopping for me forever, H&M.  Now I won't think a bathing suit is a good deal unless the whole thing costs under $10!  The good news:  their suits are really cute and there is a H&M right at Eastview Mall. 

Here are a few examples of the great suits that you can get for under $10:

When I was at the Eastview store Sunday night they still had a great selection, but I'd hurry if I were you.  At that price they won't be around for long.


  1. Wowza!
    With that body you SHOULD be taking pictures of yourself all day!
    Damn girl ~ how do you do it????

  2. Jesus that's a bargain, love the one you got :)

  3. I love the H&M bathing suits for this summer, I might get one :)


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