Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Boobies

A wise woman once said "a good bra is worth its weight in gold."  Wait, maybe it was me who said that.  Either way, it is an absolute truth.  There are many benefits to a good bra including better posture, better-fitting clothes, and better overall comfort.  Not to mention that a good-fitting bra can make you look 5 to 10 pounds lighter!  Do I have your attention now?

If you have never been fitted by a professional, chances are you are wearing the wrong size.  And if you were fitted years ago and have since had a baby, chances are even higher that you are walking around in a bra that doesn't fit.  Apparently 70% of women are wearing the wrong size. Who knew?

Lucky for you, Embrasse-Moi in Pittsford has partnered with Groupon to offer a $50 gift certificate for $25.  That's right a half price bra, and someone there will be happy to fit you so that you can get one that actually fits.  Bravo!  Now, here is the only hitch - this is not the "featured deal" on Groupon today, so when you click the link it will automatically go to today's featured deal.  All you have to do is click "all deals" on the top of the page and the Embrasse-Moi deal will appear on the bottom of the page.  Click that and shop away.   Oh and do it fast... the deal is only good for about 24 more hours.

In addition the Groupon deal, there are other exciting things going on at Embrasse-Moi this weekend.  I'm talking free fittings, sales, free panties, and cash back to spend at a later visit.  Woooo hooo!  Your boobies will be so happy!

For more information on how to get a perfect-fitting bra click here:  happy boobies.  Oh, did I mention they have their own blog?  (Embrasse-Moi not the happy boobies).   To read the Embrasse-Moi's blog click here:  le blog.  

Seriously, take my advice: get fitted and get a new bra.  You will be amazed at the difference.   Here is some inspiration from Breakout Bras: (there motto is "size does matter" ha!)

Convinced yet?  Go ahead, get the Groupon deal and head to Embrasse-Moi this weekend.  Your boobies deserve to be happy and once you get a bra that fits, you'll be a lot happier too!


  1. I am among the small subculture of "bra evangelists" out here online and love that you're reminding people they need to attend to "the girls" before going shopping.

    I know I'm due for another fitting myself, but not 'til I wean the baby completely.

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  3. I"m a huge fan of getting fitted! Totally changes the way you look in clothes!


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