Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Don't Get It

Five Current Trends I Do Not Understand

1.  Flatforms
It's hard to believe Chanel can make a shoe this ugly.
Despite Rachel Zoe's stamp of approval,  I think they are hideous.  But if Bride of Frankenstein meets Geisha is your thing, more power to you.

2.  Teenage Boy Hairstyles
If Bieber's little girl doll face couldn't pull it off, neither can you.  Get a haircut!  You look like a chick!

3.  Turban Head Wraps
Now I can watch Sex and the City all day long,
 but I wouldn't be caught dead in a sparkly turban.
My great Aunt Lou called and she want's her head wrap back.  Really?  Unless you are suffering from hair loss, this look has "disaster" written all over it.  Just because Bin Laden is dead, doesn't mean you need to steal his style.

4.  Red Eye Shadow

I know zombies are cool, this doesn't mean you should look like one.  Oh, and orange is ugly too - just ask Fergie:
Why. Fergie?  Why?
5.  And last but not least:  Belt Purses
"Belt purse" huh? If it looks like a fanny pack, and smells like a fanny pack....

What about you?  Any trends out there that you just "don't get?"


  1. Totally agree with the first two! Ugly ugly shoes. Fergie looks a wreck. Great post :)

  2. love how the biebs is in your list! but have to admit that I kinda like turban headbands!

  3. I don't get clogs and turbans! Very strange! Great post Love it will be following!

    Love C x

  4. I DO get clogs but not franken-clogs.
    Turban? Only when I had chemo!

    Great post.

  5. Ha! I get clogs...I even get platforms! but not this whole flatform craze! Thanks for all your comments!


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