Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just In Case Summer Never Comes

If you are like me, you are dying to wear your summer wardrobe.  Unfortunately, Rochester weather is not cooperating.  Have no fear!  You can make your summer stuff work even when the temps are still a little chilly.

Think: cardis and tights!  Cardis and tights!  Cardis and tights!

I've been itching to wear this strapless Maple geo-printed silk dress that I got on sale at Anthropologie:
I decided to wear it to ROC the Runway, but that night it was 37 and sleeting.  Boo!  Have no fear!  Some tights and a cardi and I was good to go!
Dress:  Anthropolgie (Maple Silken Stiches), Tights:  DKNY,
Cardigan:  ESPRIT, Shoes:  Poetic License via Lilipad Creations,
Vintage bag and necklace
Try to ignore the child in the background...
My son, Colten sabotages the photo shoot.
Two years old and he's already shirtless and sagging his pants... great.
But that's a topic for another day!
This whole cardi/tights mantra works with shorts too.  (This was very popular last fall).  I haven't tried it out yet, but if this weather sticks I might have to!  Its a great versatile look that can be dressed up or down.
Nicole Richie
(Flats or boots would work here too)
Jessica Alba
So remember, summer doesn't have to wait even if the temperatures outside beg to differ.  

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