Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, the truth is, I'm running a yard/bake sale for MOMS Club of Fairport to raise money for Golisano Children's Hospital tomorrow and Saturday.  Since I've been setting up all day today and will be working the sale all day tomorrow, I can't promise any exciting least not until Saturday.

You see, Friday night I am making my runway modeling debut at Blue's Pre-Launch Party (in a wedding gown no less).  Please pray I don't fall down!  I'll definitely be blogging about my experience in Saturday's post, but as for today and tomorrow, you're going to have to deal with content that I did not write.  I know I know.  Lame-o!

So today, I rip off Rachel Zoe (God love her).  Keep in mind that I am only borrowing content so that I can raise money for charity.  (That makes it all ok).  If you would like to donate to Golisano Children's Hospital click here:  I'd love to help!  For those of you who actually read this blog for its fashion and beauty content, here is today's Zoe Report.  Enjoy.

Hi RZ,

I am feeling "snoozy" about my beauty routine and want to change it up for summer. What cool new products should I try? Thanks! –Britney, via Submit A Question


Brace yourself, because I have an abundance of fresh beauty loot for you to explore! New on the scene for summer are body bronzers, punchy polishes and flirty scents that will prettify you to per-fec-tion. Check 'em out below and gear up to get gorgeous. xoRZ

1. Healthy Glow Summer Powder ($46) by Dior: Achieve sun-kissed skin at the stroke of a brush with this lightweight powder compact.

2. Body Illuminator ($45) by NARS: Formulated with Mono├» de Tahiti Oil, this illuminating body bronzer will make you glow from head to toe! Get free shipping on yours here.

3. Shinebox Highlight and Shimmer Collection ($39) by Ultraflesh: A versatile addition to any makeup bag, this set can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks.

4. Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow ($62) by Givenchy: Recreate the bold looks seen on this season's runways with Givenchy's multi-colored palette.

5. Flighty Zoom Lash ($14) by MAC: Available in classic black and three eye-catching hues, this limited-edition mascara is mah-jor!

6. Aqua Liner ($23) by Make Up For Ever: A waterproof eyeliner is a must in the summertime—love the rainbow of hues available from Make Up For Ever.

7. Splash Scent in Ginger ($68) by Marc Jacobs: Switch out your go-to scent for summer with this travel-inspired splash!

8. Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream ($24) by Fekkai: Keep beach frizz at bay with Fekkai's newest hair weapon.

9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun Nail Polish ($16) by Deborah Lippmann: Coral is one of my all-time favorite shades for summer; Deborah Lippmann shows us how it's done with this fetching color.

10. Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ($40) by Bobbi Brown: This 3-in-1 tinted moisturizer offers your skin sun protection, hydration and natural coverage. Obsessed!
Availability: Shop Beauty In Bloom now at


Rachel Zoe

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  1. Have fun modeling - I'm sure you'll be super glam!

    Your comment re: the gnomes was hilarious! Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living


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