Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane?

Tis the season (almost) for summer vacations, and if you're like me, packing can be a daunting task.  What to bring?  What to bring?  Wonder no more.  Daily Candy has the perfect tips for traveling light this summer.  Here is their list of what to bring for a long weekend getaway.  Note:  my personal comments appear in pink.

Everything You Need for a Warm-Weather Three-Day Getaway by Irania Urbinati
The Basics
3 pairs of socks
4 pairs of undies
2 bras (“I always stash one of my aunt Laura Urbinati’s bikinis — you can wear the top under tees.”)
The Pieces1 white button-up (“You can wear it long over jean shorts, as a bathing suit cover, or tied over your shorts or chinos.”)
2 tank tops
2 tees (“The Proenza Schouler ones are the best. They’re even cute to sleep in.”) If you like sleeping in a $200 + t-shirt - I'll stick to Old Navy.
1 pair of chinos (“There are a million good pairs at J.Crew right now.”)
1 pair of skinny jeans
1 pair of denim cutoffs (“I love Double RL Vintage or Current/Elliott.”) I got a really cute pair at H&M.
1 pair of shorts (cotton or linen)
1 long dress (“I wear my Daughters of the Revolution Butterfly dress in the city, the country, daytime, or dinner. It’s good for everything.”)
1 skirt
1 short dress
1 jacket (“Boy by Band of Outsiders blazer or a leather jacket from ASOS — pick your battles.”)
1 long cardigan
1 pair of sandals or espadrilles
1 pair of ballet flats (“Gap makes great ones you can toss in your carry-on.”)
1 pair of nude heels (“They go with everything and make your legs look crazy long.”) I need a pair.  Not sure how I've lived this long without them.
The Extras 1 straw hat (“I wore a BCBGeneration boater — minus the bead embellishment — during my wedding weekend.”)
1 pair of sunglasses
1 scarf
Bracelets (“Made Her Think cuffs always make the right statement.”)
1 pair of stud earrings
1 pair of gold hoops (“Necklaces aren’t practical; they just get tangled up.”) I've never had a problem.  I make sure the clasps are closed and put each necklace in its own mini plastic baggie.
The Beauty
1 toiletry bag (“A neutral Bare bag doubles as a clutch.”)
Facial cleansing pads (takes up less space than a bottle of cleanser)
Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (love Mary Kay's)
Lip balm (“Dr Pepper Lip Smacker is heaven.”)
Blush (Love NARS orgasm)
Blemish treatment (“Mario Badescu drying lotion never fails.”)
Toothbrush and toothpaste (bad breath is never in style)
Deodorant  (I wear mens deodorant - otherwise I stink - B.O. isn't pretty)
Body lotion
Hair bands
1 scrunchie (Who wears scrunchies?  I vote for a good old hair tie instead)
1 headband
Shampoo and conditioner (“Nothing will ruin your weekend like a bad hair day.”) True story.
The Baggage 
1 day bag (“I don’t go anywhere without a Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Clutch.”)
1 nighttime clutch
1 large carryall
1 carry-on trolley (“I like to check my wheely bag and carry on the carryall — it’s faster to get through security this way, and the tote can double as a beach or grocery bag when you finally get where you’re going.”)
The Day Of
“The goal is to be comfy whilst looking put together and not bringing more stuff and getting through security fast — i.e., no belts, jewelry, or complicated shoes. I usually wear Raven skinny cargos for comfort, a nice (read: not sloppy) tee, and a cashmere sweater. I wear laceless Keds, so they’re easy to slip off at security. But you can still wear little hidden socks.”
The Day Of (My tip)

I'm also a big fan of being comfortable without looking like a total slob. I tend to wear pieces that take up the most room: Usually a skinny jean, tee, chunky sweater (I'm always cold), and my chunkiest shoes (boot or wedge). I can't not wear jewelry, so I take the extra 30 seconds to take off my accessories when I go through security. I figure I have to wait for every spaz that travels like they have never been to an airport before, so they can wait for me to unzip my boots and pull out my earrings... just saying.

What about you?  Have any good traveling advice?  Or do need your own person bellhop when you travel?
Paris Hilton in "The Opposite of Packing Light"

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  1. i am about to travel for the summer! so I totally identify with this post ;)
    hopefully this time my suitcases won't scream from overweight as usual
    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog ;)


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