Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two for Tuesday: Watch You Talkin' Bout Willis?

See what I did there?  Watch?

What?  It's hard to come up with catchy titles day after day.  And although this post has absolutely nothing to do with Different Strokes, I couldn't resist adding this:

Anywho, let's talk about watches shall we?

I've been lucky enough to receive two awesome watches this month and wanted to share both of them with you.

1.  Timex  - This classic watch from Timex looks high end, but at a retail price of under $100, it is doable on any budget.  Worn alone, or as part of an arm party, this baby makes a great Christmas gift for any lady on your list.
Scarf and Flannel:  Old Navy
Watch:  c/o Timex
Jeans:  GAP
Earrings:  Shop Peppermint
Bracelets (left):  Alex & Ani ~ Emerson & Oliver
Bracelets (right): Stella and Dot and  c/o Charming Charlie

2.  Modify - I was introduced to this line of customizable mix and match watches at LuckyFABB and was super-excited to be gifted a watch of my choice.  I opted for the mini with a rose gold chevron face and gray strap.  I adore its sporty, casual style and love how you can change out bands and faces to "modify" your look.  So fun!

I'm still waiting on that Rolex, but for now these babies will do ;)

What about you?  Or your more of a "Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece" kind of girl?  Or more Timex, Modify, driving Cadillacs in your dreams kind of girl?  Either way, rock out with your watch out.

I need more coffee... or less...not sure...it could go either way...



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