Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

A few weeks ago, I realized that I did not own a proper winter coat.  Let me rephrase, I did not own a proper winter coat that fit.  The only coat I did own is my first "professional" black wool Anne Klein trench that is floor length, outdated, and happens to be a size 10 (I wear a 4).  When I put it on, I look like a homeless member of the Trench Coat Mafia (not exactly the look I am going for).

In a desperate panic, and vowing not to freeze my ass off in my moto jacket and a cocktail dress ever again, I hit the mall last Friday to bite the bullet and buy a respectable [well-fitting] winter dress coat.  I narrowed it down to two options and then with the help of my fantastic instagram followers I was able to make a decision, which I do believe it was unanimous...
Which one would you have picked?
If you guessed that Tracy Reese's orange Italian wool trench was the winner, then you get a gold star.  While less dressy, I felt that it was more tailored, more fun, and overall just more me than the Ellen Tracy option.  I am still feeling the itch to invest in a super-dressy coat - maybe black?  Super classic? Gah!  I could never have enough clothes...ever.

Is it me?  Or do you always feel like there is always something you just NEED to buy?

I should have been royalty.  I doubt Kate Middleton has these problems...

Here's to hoping you marry a prince and get every coat your little heart desires, 



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