Friday, August 31, 2012

Out With the Old

Making lots of progress with Operation Basement Clean Up.  Items have been moved to the garage for Operation Buy My Crap on Sept 13 (please come if you're local - you can e-mail me for details).

Here is the current sale pile:

This isn't everything but I'm definitely getting there.  Still need the hubs to move some of the bigger furniture items.  Getting rid of stuff I don't need feels great and finding things that I had no idea I missed is even better.  Want to know what I'm never getting rid of?

Here's a hint:

Click here to see me poured into shorts I wore in 3rd grade and my entire NKOTB collection.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Hubs has his first football game tonight.  The whole family is blog posts will be slim for the next few days, but hey you should be used to that right? ;)




  1. Wow Jen, thats awesome! I'm willing to help if you need it!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Def come by and say hello! My mom is actually coming back up to help with the kiddos :)

  2. Love getting rid of crap! :-)

  3. Sigh. I loved Jordan Knight.

    That's all.



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