Monday, August 27, 2012

Mundane Monday

Hey all!

It's Monday!  Time for stream of consciousness and poor grammar!  Wooo hooo!

I'm home!  Getting back into the groove.  Cleaning my house, doing laundry, unpacking etc.

Time to get off the five ppounds I gained in roughly two weeks.  I mean I only ingested 17,500 EXTRA calories - that's only moderately disgusting right?  No?  You're right, it's flat out repulsive.  Time to get back on the wagon!

Big week.  My mom is here helping me organize and box up stuff for my HUGE garage sale Sept 13-15.  In-laws and extended family come Thursday.  Cooper's baptism is Sunday - I should probably get him an outfit...

I should also go food shopping...

Can't worry about that right now though.  I have book club at 7:00.  We read Fifty Shades.  You KNOW I'm not missing this one.  Even if there is nothing to eat in this house that isn't either frozen or wrapped in plastic.  Sorry kids, mommy will shop tomorrow.  Time for me and my inner goddess to pick up some wine and head to Annette's...

Just remember: - Mr. Grey prefers brunettes who like to eat. Take that skinny bitches.

Ok that's all for now.

Laters baby,

(couldn't resist)




  1. Sometimes you just gotta..... :)

  2. I know the perfect diet plan which will work for everyone. Stage 1:Change Wall-Mart to Trader Joe shopping. Stage 2: Change US to France. Have a great week:)

  3. I'm almost at the end of book 2 and now I am DYING to read your essay. But the funny thing is that I am reading it with your topic in mind, sort of forming my own like-argument. Well done, friend. Well done.

    And I think you saw, but I went to a 50 Shades party sponsored by the local library at Applebees - craziness. Sex therapise, sex toys, and liquor! Who knew!!!



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