Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The amount of jewelry I own is obscene.

I would love to tell you this is my entire collection, but that would be a lie.  I also have a standing jewelry box filled with bracelets and rings and a few more necklaces.  I know, I know...I totally need more necklaces...

Despite having to double and triple up on the hooks, I am pretty psyched to have finished my jewelry display wall.  It is so nice to have everything out so I can see exactly what I have.  The center earring/necklace display is from Frank and Maria over at Jewelry Holders for You and the mounted hooks I got at a bogo sale at K-mart.  Good times.  

I need a creative/functional idea for bracelet display.  Got any good ones? (And not the paper towel holder idea I see all over Pinterest...then you have to take them all off to get to the one at the bottom...no thanks.)

Love ya!




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  1. Love, love, LOVE!!!! I need to do something like this badly.

  2. Jenny, It looks fantastic!!!! You know, we do a style for bangle bracelets which holds a TON of bracelets. We have our list of styles and finishes on our Etsy shop policy page, you may wish to check it out http://www.etsy.com/shop_policy.php?user_id=6750874 We do Special Order Listings for anything we may not already have made. Hit us up, let us help! We aim to organize <3 Sincerely, Frank and Marla, Owners - New Dimension Wood Design / Jewelry Holders For You

  3. beautiful collection!!! I love them all!!!

  4. this looks awesome, is it in your closet? i would love to do something like this but not sure where i could put it...

  5. I showed my husband.

    I told him you were my hero.

    He was unamused.

    I, however, am envious.


    1. My husband was also unamused. I believe he said something to the effect of: "does this mean I never have to buy you jewelry...ever?"

  6. Hi Jenny,

    We thought we would update you on a new style we are making. It includes a Bracelet BAR, you read correctly, it has a substantial = solidly made, dowel, which bracelets slide on and off of with pretty hardware holding the dowel. I should have some photos by Monday. We have not yet worked out what an ALL bracelet bar holder, though, there is a possibility we will, with enough demand - lets say, three on a holder? Each bar holds a lot of bracelets. Please keep your eye on our Etsy shop, they should be showing for sale within the next week...

    We also wish offer your subscribers a 5% discount on their orders, so, please advertise this if you could please. Subscribers must put in their payment comment box, that they saw this offer here on your page, with the name and upon their order/orders shipping, we would refund the 5% from their total cost of holders, minus shipping, tax, etc...

    We are thrilled how much you love your jewelry holder!

    Talk to you soon,

    Frank and Marla Wiesehan
    Owners - New Dimension Wood Design
    Jewelry Holders For You
    Coming soon: www.jewelryholdersforyou.com


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