Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm all over the place!

Seriously though - I got around this week (it's not what you think).

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Sunday I was featured in the first ever Sunday Spotlight over at Traffic Jelly.  Then my mug reappeared there on Monday.  Wow!  What an honor!

Traffic Jelly

This week, the Kaufman Children's Center posted my piece that originally appeared over at Jake's Journey about my son Colten's struggle with apraxia and our experience at Nancy Kaufman's summer SPEAK program.

And then yesterday I popped up at Turn Around and Say Hello.

I just feel so privileged to not only have my writing recognized, but also feel this profound amount of support and appreciation from two women I have never met, but admire greatly.  Lucky for me I have a shopping date with one of them scheduled for when I get home.  As for the other one... How do you Nebraskans like sub-zero temperatures?  I hear Rochester is a great place to visit after football season.  I'm sure they have great deals on flights in the winter.  I mean, honestly, who wants to come here?  I'll tell you:  no.body.

As for the rest of you thanks for reading and keeping things positive.  With the the negativity out there on the internet its nice to "meet" people who keeps things kind, friendly, and uplifting.  Kudos to you.

Tomorrow's Friday... get excited!



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  1. Congrats on all these exposure! great writing:)
    Ty Azarov
    (Check out my blog username is Ty Az)



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