Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Coolness Knows No Bounds

Look what I found while cleaning out my basement:

New Kids on the Block - posters, Big Bopper magazines, books, puzzles...
Ah yes in my little kid handwriting the words  "I heart Joe."
If you look closely you can see LIPSTICK marks on his mouth.
Who knew I was such a little hussy?!
Jenny, age 7, fills out an order form that will never be...
NKOTB trading cards!
Apparently I've always loved a good arm party...
And the color pink...
And coordinating my outfits...
And being a complete spaz...
Let's be honest though...
Who doesn't love putting together a heart-shaped Joe McIntyre puzzle?
Or doing some light reading on the couch?
Or having the confidence to post this photo for all the world to see?
Finding the "New Kids" box was the highlight of my day (ok my week).  I was cracking up looking through this stuff.

I'd like to leave you with this whopper that I wrote at the ripe old age of seven:

Spelling was never my strength... 
That's all for today.

Hope you all become rich and famous and still have your peace of mind ;)




  1. I am BEYOND jealous about this fantastic find!!

  2. Let's also focus on the fact that you could wear clothes that you owned in the 90s, good for you!!!!!

    1. Yes, but the only thing that FITS me like it did in the 90s is my hat... lol

  3. I LOOOOVVEEEEEE it!!!! I had those boxers too...and the cards and the shirt and who knows what else but, never had the awesome New Kids Notes! lol How fun.

    1. Oh that was a page from the NKOTB scrapbook... good times lol

  4. NKOTB find and finding out you can fit in the clothes from high school after 2 kids and 10 years- Priceless.

    Rich Tyson

    1. Mr. Tyson, Those clothes are from 3rd grade lol


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