Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Turn and face the strange...

This image has no relevance.
Just go with it.
Morning kiddos!  Thanks David Bowie!

After vacillating over what to do with this 'lil blog 'o mine.  I have decided to make a second blog that will link directly to this one.  It will be accessible under the Flower City Fashion tab and its sole purpose will be to promote Rochester NY fashion and local businesses.

In true gemini fashion, I had two things going on here: a personal life and style blog and a desire to promote local small businesses and support  Rochester NY's budding fashion scene.

I also noticed two distinct groups of readers and feel this is the best way to satisfy everyone's needs (including my own). I mean this is my party and I'll write two blogs if I want to.

So please pardon our appearance as we transition to a platform that can meet everyone's needs.

The Flower City Fashionista will transition into being solely my humor and snarky take on a personal life and style blog and local goodies will be found by clicking the Flower City Fashion tab.  Got it?  Good.

Love ya!




PS - Last day to enter my Your Best Friend's Closet Giveaway!

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