Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Friday In Pictures

Yesterday I had the "day off" from motherhood duties.  (This NEVER happens for an entire day!)  My parents watched the boys, who both woke up with colds, but were still this adorable when I left the house at 8am:   

I met Jeree for coffee and taylor ham, egg and cheese at Goldbergs, got a blow out at the Shear Shop, and then had an hour to kill before my bus into the city so I made a few phone calls and then went to the library to read in silence.  (Just finished The London Chronicles... and loved it.  Review coming soon)  Oh and somewhere in between I took a photo of myself in a public restroom so I could blog about it later (perfectly normal behavior).

After an excruciatingly long bus ride, (no express during non-rush hour) that seemed even longer due to the fact that the woman next to me smelled like she took a bath in a deep fryer, I met my friend Jeanne at Port Authority.  Instead of saying "hi" she said:  "Just warning you - I have a zero tolerance for bullshit today and I'm PMSing."  God, I love that girl.  About thirty seconds later a man on a bicycle told me:  "Girl you have legs up to your eyes.  I would have put a ring on it too."  God, I love New York.  We headed to Joe Fresh for t-shirts, had no luck, but I was able to take a few more outfit photos in the dressing room mirror.  Hey, I didn't get the shoes in the first one.  

J. Crew necklace, F21 shirt, Old Navy shorts, Payless wedges

Anthropologie and Forever 21 bracelets, estate ring

After spending almost three hours in the Forever 21 in Times Square, I was very tempted to buy this:

I didn't.  Pretty sure I'm regretting that decision right about now.

After shopping we headed to Sam's to meet Monica for drinks followed by dinner at Vinyl.

The Fab Foursome ;)

I'm sure this goes without saying, but I ate a lot.  To the tune of nachos, kung pao shrimp tacos, meatball sliders, veggie dumplings, parmesan garlic parsley fries, creme brulee, giant (warm) chocolate chip cookies, milkshakes, two glasses of malbec, and a mystery shot of some kind.  Yeah.  BEAST. 

It was a great day, spent with great friends, and I am going to miss them like crazy!  I hate that I live so far away!

How about you?  What did you do this weekend?

Hope it was fabulous!




  1. Sounds like a blast!
    Days off from kids are completely invaluable - and unless you are a mother you can never appreciate having the chance to shop without them.

  2. Hi! I found your blog and think it's so cute! I'm from Rochester, Mom of two boys and just started my own fashion & beauty blog. Would love for you to check it out and follow! I'm following you now through GFC.


    1. So glad you found me! Just started following you with GFC connect as well. Are you going to the White Party?

  3. eeeeeks you're adorable. LOVE the outfit. Now I know I am in good hands at Waterloo. :)


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