Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Great Day

Top Five Reasons It's Going to Be a Great Day

1.  I just found out that I won Simply Sarah's giveaway for a free piece of clothing from Penelope Lane's new fall line!  I never win anything!  I guess I need to stop saying that....

2.  We have a fabulous day planned at Point Pleasant Beach with my mom, kiddos, and my cousin and her adorable little girl.

3.  It's my cousin's 30th birthday today so we'll definitely be celebrating with a frozen beverage at the Martell's Tiki Bar (like we needed an excuse).

4.  Since I'm on an eating tear, what better place to be than the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore?!  I mean COME ON, deep fried oreos? fudge? salt water taffy?  Pizza slices the size of your head?  Bring. It. On.  

5.  I have EXCELLENT leisure reading options... 
not that reading with kids is a possibility... but a girl can dream can't she?

6.  I know I said five, but this is my blog so I can do what I want.  Today I just woke up feeling so blessed.  I have a great family, wonderful friends, and blogging has opened me up to this whole community of women that I never would have met otherwise.  There are so many great people in my life and I feel so blessed to also be a part of theirs.

That's all kids! 

Time to get ready for the beach!




  1. You are right by my house!
    I am in the woods in South Carolina!
    Bad timing!

    Have fun...I can close my eyes and picture all the great things you have mentioned.

  2. Yay for winning Sarah's giveaway!!! I am a little bit jealous!! Happy shopping! And eat a fried Oreo for me!!!!!

  3. So awesome about winning a giveaway!!!

  4. Love this! Yes it IS your blog and you can do whatever you want :) I love that you are so grateful for the life you have... life is good :)


  5. yay! i'm so glad that you are having a great day! and i am a little more than jealous that you won a giveaway! i have yet to do that ;)
    xo TJ


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