Monday, June 3, 2013

Made in America Monday: Kalulu Kids

When Lilly from Kalulu Kids contacted me a few weeks ago to share the company's Kickstarter campaign, I jumped at the chance. The company's high ethics, socially responsible attitude, and dedication to making their clothing right here in the USA are all qualities that I strongly admire. 

Let me give you a little background.

Children’s wear brand Kalulu Kids is preparing for its second season with a Kickstarter crowd funding project, which offers backers selected items from the current collection in return for an investment of between $5 and $5,000. The Brooklyn-based label hopes to raise $6,000 to build on the success of its spring/summer line with a brand new range of high-quality, East African kikoy fabric garments.
The Kalulu Kids Kickstarter project launched this week and will run until mid-June. Incentives for backers range from postcards and social media shout-outs to family-sized clothing bundles and the opportunity to name an item from the upcoming collection. Proceeds from the Kickstarter will allow Kalulu to procure the traditional kikoy fabric in custom colors and in the quantities needed to fulfill anticipated demand for the new items.
Kalulu’s successful launch and subsequent popularity has been a testament to the strength of the brand’s ethical business model. Whilst each item is handcrafted in New York’s Garment District, Kalulu’s kikoy fabric is responsibly sourced from small businesses in East Africa. And, through its partnership with New York-based educational charity SCALEAfrica, the brand also contributes a portion of all sales proceeds outside of Kickstarter to help build schools across rural sub-Saharan Africa. Founder, CEO and mom of three Milbert Kiggundu-Bentham now believes that the online crowd funding platform is the ideal way to forward Kalulu’s socially responsible mission.

“With this new collection, we hope to take the business to the next level,” explains Kiggundu-Bentham. “We’ve always been confident that it’s possible to build a successful clothing brand that represents a fair deal for everyone. And judging by response so far, a lot of people agree with us. That’s why we’ve decided to reach out to the community this time around. Kalulu Kids is ready to begin a new chapter and this Kickstarter project gives others the chance to be a part of our story.”

Known for their bright colors and eye-catching patterns, kikoys were traditionally worn by East African men as sarongs. The comfortable and hardwearing fabric now forms the basis of, and inspiration for, Kalulu’s range of children’s tunics, dresses and hooded tops. New additions for the brand’s second season will include long pants, kikoy-lined sweat shirts and lighter scarves. The existing color palette will also expand with new hues to compliment the feel of the fall/winter collection.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and to consider making a donation to get this brand underway.  It's a way to support an American-made brand with a global impact.  

Make a difference.

You can support the Kalulu Kids Kickstarter here.  

You can shop the spring/summer collection and find out more here.



About Kalulu

Kalulu is the product of Milbert Kiggundu Bentham’s East African childhood, and her current life as a New York mother of three. ‘Hare’ in English, Kalulu takes its name from the mischievous character found throughout East African folklore. Far from simply borrowing from Africa though, the ethical clothing company proactively gives back to the continent. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Brooklyn-based educational charity SCALEAfrica.

Kalulu’s entire line is made in New York City from East Africa-sourced kikoy cloth. Woven from 100% cotton, this durable and comfortable material makes for garments that can withstand years of use. The spring/summer ’13 range features tunics, dresses, tanks, jeans, shorts and skorts in a bright colors inspired by the brand’s African heritage. The spring/summer collection is available in sizes 2T – 10 for both girls and boys, with prices starting at $24.00.

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