Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend Recap: A Ferry, A Wedding, and A Thornbush - Oh my!

Sorry for the delay!  Had a 48 hour migraine Mon/Tues - it was like the gift that kept on giving...

Anywho - so much to share!!!

Over the weekend, my beautiful friend Monica got married.  The blushing bride and handsome groom invited all of us to Block Island for the festivities.

As luck would have it, a tropical storm hit, and we had to brave the Ferry O'Death to get there.

I'm not kidding:
This is what I look like after enduring 15 ft seas.
Think:  Deadliest Catch without the crabs or  bad overalls but waaaaay more mascara...
The newlyweds are contemplating having t-shirts made that read:  "If you didn't puke, you didn't go to Monica and Jacob's wedding."  I hope they do it - I'd wear mine with pride...

By Saturday morning the storm had lifted, my stomach had settled, and we were ready to celebrate the marriage of our sweet friends.  Until, of course, I stepped on a dune rosebush and had to perform emergency surgery (with a pin and tweezers) to remove a large thorn lodged in my big toe just moments before the ceremony began.  A concerned wedding guest even squirted said toe with antibacterial hand gel to prevent my eventual hospitalization from lock jaw... ahhh the kindness of strangers...
Just seconds before The Dune Rose Incident of 2013...
Thankfully this was the last of my personal mishaps and I was able to enjoy one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to.

Here are some highlights from Monica and Jacob's special day via instagram...

The Beautiful Beachside Ceremony
Cocktail Hour
With the Beautiful Bride
(We've been friends since we were 14!)
High School Girlies
First Dance
No, this isn't a scene out of Gatsby.
And yes, they're really that beautiful.
It was a beautiful night celebrating the love of two beautiful people.  It really doesn't get much better than that.

Love you Monica and Jacob!   Wishing you two crazy kids a lifetime of love, laughter, waking up each day next to your very best friend.  

Just remember when the seas get stormy and there's a thorn in your toe, you'll still have each other.  You like that?  Poetic, right?  I might start my own line for Hallmark...



PS- Tomorrow:  Why Rent the Runway rocks my socks off.  Don't miss it!

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