Monday, June 24, 2013

Made in America Monday - Upcyled Chic from r.v.f.

I love the idea of upcycling fashion and turning vintage pieces and fabrics into something fresh and modern.  It's eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and results in the creation of fresh, one of a kind pieces carefully designed and pieced together by the artists themselves.  I like to think that these designers are creating pieces that are "re-made" in America.  ;)

Renewed Vintage Fabrics (r.v.f.) the perfect example of how a skilled eye and trained hand can turn goodwill finds and fabrics from years gone by into sustainable, fun fashion that is easy on both your pocket book and the environment.  Win-win.

r.v.f. tag
Check out the designer's blog here.

Earlier month I visited Renewal Resale in Riverdale NJ to check out the new r.v.f. label.  I fell in love.  

Here are a few of the pieces I tried:

How cute is this vintage cropped denim vest with lace insets?
How about these cut offs made from a pair of old Old Navy Jeans and hand-painted with stars and stripes?
If it wasn't for my thunder thighs, I'd be rocking these puppies for 4th of July!  Love!
  I did end up buying this adorable upcylced racer back tank.  I love the bow detailing on the back.  (That bow is made from the same 1960s lace dress that was used on the vest pictured above - so cool!)
r.v.f. tank, GAP boyfriend shorts, Bongo sandals from Kmart = easy summer style.
How do you feel about clothing being "re-made" in America?  Do you own any upcylced pieces? Please share your thoughts/links below.



PS- Thanks for not jumping ship during my hiatus ;)  Cry no more kids, I'm back.  ;)

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  1. Love your finds, I love recycling fabrics , clothes, curtains ,tablecloths , you just need a little imagination to create a bag or a purse.

  2. You're joking me. I need to get on this. Love. Especially that tank & those shorts! Hey #4thofjuly #rvf


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