Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reading List

I'm not going to pretend that a great deal of my time is spent doing leisure reading.  These days most of it occurs on the toilet.  (I apologize for the unpleasant mental image).  When you're a mama of two the word "leisure" in general tends to be a non sequitur, but if I had my way I'd figure out how to get paid to read.  I could read all day every day.  Happiness for me, truly is a good book.

And guess what?  I just read one!  And I "know" the author.

The super talented Rebecca Cooper Thumann is my blogger friend and soul sister, who happens to have the one up on me in the novel department.  She has written three.  Oh yes.  Three.  I have written: none.  Not that I want to.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't write a novel if my life depended on it.  I can read them.  I can write about them.  But write them?  Hell to the no.

But this sweet, kind-hearted girl has written three.  They are all Pride and Prejudice fanfic.  (I told you we were soul sisters!)  And so far I've read her first novel The London Chronicles, which I loved despite her warning me of an errant typo or two.  I wanted to read her first book first, because I am the kind of geek who enjoys seeing someone evolve as a writer.  I can't wait to read Lost Along the Way, which is sitting on my nightstand as we speak.

In my humble opinion, The London Chronicles was a terrific debut novel.  I loved the story, and while the themes of Pride and Prejudice are apparent, I didn't feel like I was reading a cheap imitation.  It would easily stand alone as a lovely, albeit at times suspenseful, love story, without the Austen connection.  The characters are well-developed, the story line holds your interest, and the pacing was perfect.  It's a funny, thrilling, and feel-good book.  Think: Bridget Jones meets Knotting Hill meets Sex in the City with a touch of John Grisham just for good measure.   Is it chick lit?  Yes.  Is it predictable?  Sure.  Should you read it?  Yes.  Will you love it?  Absolutely.  Will you find yourself asking "Christian who?"  Yeah, probably.  Mr. Grey has nothing on Christopher Harrington (except maybe that stack of psychotherapy bills from Dr. Flynn).

Why waste time, get your copy here:

I can't wait to hear what you think!

Maybe I can start my own book club - like Oprah - only without her tv show, readership, or bank roll...

All in favor of  a monthly column titled The Fashionista's Fiction Picks say "aye."

Here's September's reading list.  You can read one or all four!

Happy Reading!



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