Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fright Night

And no, I'm not talking about the approach of Halloween.  I'm talking about my evening beauty regimen.  Okay, maybe regimen isn't the right word, considering I can't remember the last time I used a deep cleaning mask, which may or may not be the reason my skin is breaking out worse than a PMSing 14-year-old the night before cheerleading tryouts.  So, I decided to finally use that sample of Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask that's been hanging out in my medicine cabinet for the last six months.

Last night, I opened my pores, slathered it on, and allowed it to dry.  My poor husband unknowingly walked in on this lovely display:

I'm not naked I swear.
And gasped in horror.

After assuring him it would wash off, I showed him this collage I made for the blog:

His response:  "You sure you want to do that to yourself?"

Me:  "Are you kidding?  This is top notch blog material!"

The verdict:  My skin (whilst still pimple ridden) feels much cleaner and smoother, not to mention that I sure did look purty with it on.  And yes, I'm wearing a hot pink turbie towel...what of it?

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful and your pores are clear!



PS- Thanks to amazon, you too, can look like me.  Because, honestly, who wouldn't want to give this look a try?  I hear it's all over the runways this fall. ;)


  1. Try adding witch hazel to your daily skin care routine. I use it after washing and before lotion. It's been helping to clear up my stubborn break outs.

    1. oooh thanks for the tip... I use tea tree oil - but may need to switch things up...

  2. Made me smile and I love the collage! You did the Amazon link up thing. Was it hard to do or time consuming to figure out?

    1. Yeah I've been participating in Amazon's affiliate program for over a year now... super easy to use... :)

  3. Love the turban too! I myself have a special turban towel for curly hair that I wear every morning. ;)


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