Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tomorrow We Ride

Or maybe we just sell all the crap that's in my garage...

Those are called cassette tapes kids...
And yes, I was that cool.
Garage Salenista
Who wants to buy my shoes?

Busy day... anticipating a busy one tomorrow.  Where I live, Thursdays are the big garage sale days (I guess no one works around here) <---- says the girl who doesn't work either.  Ha!  I anticipate the crazies lining up at 8:30 since I advertised that the sale begins at 9:00.

Wish me luck!

I'm off to bed.




  1. Are thooooooooose ..... wedding shoes in the last picture? :)

    1. Ha! No... I bought them for the white party and when I tried them on again they pinched my toes... so I bought different shoes (that I liked better anyway) I can't find the receipt lol so I'm attempting to garage sale them so i don't end up with a total loss ha!


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