Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two for Tuesday: Talk Nerdy to Me

If you follow me on instagram, this post will probably be a complete waste of your time.

You've been warned.

Anywho, for those of you who don't know:  I got new glasses!  Woot!  Woot!

It wouldn't be right for me to visit the great state of Florida and not pop in to Fisher Eye Associates in Oviedo.  Good thing I did:  turns out I was four years overdue for an eye exam.  Oops!  This also means I've been wearing the same frames for the last four years, which means that (obviously) I needed not one, but two, new pairs.  One of the perks of having a sister and brother-inlaw who own an optometry practice is access to great frames

We all know I've had a hankering for some nerdy girl glasses and after much deliberation, this is what I ended up with:

I know, I know.  Old news.  Posted on instagram Friday.  What can you do?!
Pair Numero Uno = Coach

Pair Numero Dos = Dolce and Gabbana

Which pair do you like best?  (If you can't decide that's ok too - neither could I!)


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  1. Love those glasses on you! Totally pulling them off!


    1. Thanks! I'm loving them! Being able to see clearly is just an added bonus!


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