Friday, August 16, 2013

Made in America Friday? (Get Grounded Flip Flops Giveaway)

I know.  I know.  Just go with it.

I know my series is called "Made in America Monday,"  but I'm on vacation and this is my blog so I can do what I want.  Ha!

I just had to tell you about this great, new, made in the USA company called Get Grounded Footwear.    Considering I've been beachin' it for the past week, flip flops have been on the brain.  And these babies look so comfy, I wanted all of you to have a chance to rock a pair before summer left for good:

In addition to being American-made and wear-all-day comfortable, all Get Grounded Footwear™ have the following features:

* Contoured Grounding Footbed with Full Surface Contact
* Massaging Accupods™
* TerraTread™ Tree Root Traction System
* Durable TerraMater Footwear® Material

And in case you're wondering what this whole "grounding" business is all about, (I was clueless) watch this:

Interesting, huh?

Want to know the best part?  I'm teaming up with USA Love List for another fabulous giveaway.  If you're like me and the words "free shoes" are right up there with "did you lose weight?" and "80% off clearance rack" - stop whatever it is you are doing (even if it's reading my blog) and enter this giveaway to win a pair of Get Grounded Flip Flops:

You know the drill:

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  1. I've read about Grounding off and on over the last year and would love to win these shoes! Mercola had an extensive article/video recently about Grounding, too, which reminded me of its benefits.

  2. I run a lot and the first thing I want to do besides down a large iced coffee post run is get out of my running shoes (New Balances of course) and put on a pair of flip flops. Unfortunately, my currently flip flops are in need of serious replacement and the Groundals would be the perfect post running shoe. Amazing!


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