Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throwback Thursday ~ A Classic Never Dies

Here is the Lakeland Regional High School class of 2000 yearbook photo:

Here is a blurry close up of yours truly from above photo.  Bad eyebrows.  Blondish hair.  Mouth open laughing.  Abercrombie vest.

Here is a picture I took of myself today at Powers Farm Market in the very same Abercrombie down vest.

Yes, I am still wearing the vest I wore in my senior class photo.  The turtle neck has been traded for a plaid button down; the acid wash boot cuts for dark wash skinnies.  My Doc Martens are no longer a wardrobe staple - my riding boots are.   I haven't dyed my hair in ten years and my poor over-plucked brows have found solace in the hands of Ryan at Brow Diva.   Things change, but yet they stay the same.  Twelve years later, I'm still smiling and I'm still wearing my Abercrombie vest.

 What can I say?  A classic never dies.

What are you still wearing from high school?  Anything?  Dish below.




  1. I thought that was an Eddie Bauer top, I almost bought that one or one very similar. I love it.

  2. First off girl, I'm feeling old! I graduated college in 1996 and high school in 1992. Still think you're a kindred spirit though even if I am an old lady compared to you. Second, I have an Abercrombie vest and I bought it in consignment forever ago! It is red and navy and I love it. Yes, I still wear it. Finally, something that is in both of our closets!:) I'm a dork though and zip mine all the way up. Go figure. And I wear a plain white long sleeve t shirt with it (I know it's surprising - lol). I like the flannel/plaid shirt with it. You're always thinking outside the box. My hubby has got to pencil me in for a shopping date.

    1. You crack me up... my hubs is class of 92 as well - don't sweat it ;) We're kindred spirits no matter what! Nothing wrong with wearing a solid under it... maybe go crazy next time and wear it open with a scarf? We need a virtual shopping date... as soon as I figure out this sears personal shopping thing (which I've been meaning to blog about) you'll have to be my guinea pig (I mean that in the nicest way possible)... love you lady!

  3. I still wear my t-shirts from high school. They're pretty awesome, I must say ... especially the ones with my maiden name on the back. :)

    I used to rock an Abercrombie vest. Right up until my roommate from college jacked it. Punk.


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