Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Makeup Moms

So there I was, going about my business in the Chiropractor's waiting room drinking my Starbucks, in my skinny jeans, wedge booties, motorcycle jacket, and red lipstick.

I had just dropped Colten off at preschool and was catching up on twitter.  After reading tweet after tweet declaring it was either a. the end of the world or b. the start of the new coalition - I came across this tweet:

Mary McCarthy (@marymac)
11/7/12 10:05 AM
An Open Letter to Moms Who Have Perfect Hair, Makeup and Outfits Every

And I thought - uh oh - someone wrote me a letter, and I don't think it's going to be very nice.  So I sat there and read this:  Want2Dish - Stir it Up - Column - An Open Letter to Makeup Moms.  Now, I might not live in Maryland and my hair might be in a pony tail most days, but she is talking about ME.  I am definitely one of these "Makeup Moms."  And you know what?  I'm proud to be.

Yes, I take pride in my appearance.  I feel better when I look good.  I shower at night once my kids are in bed and take 15-20 minutes in the morning to put myself together.  I wear heels.  I wear make up.  Every.  Day.  I accessorize.  I shower regularly.  I blow dry.  I flat iron.  I use product.  It doesn't make me a mindless Barbie doll.  It doesn't make me a trophy wife or some sex object.  It makes me, me.  And I like me, lipstick and all.

This motivated me to host a link up.  If you are a proud "Makeup Mom" link up below with your best "bus stop" look.  Did you dazzle at story time this week?  Were you on point at the PTA meeting?  Long hair, don't care?  Well, put on some lipstick and join The Flower City Fashionista's Makeup Mom link up!

Disclaimer: I am sure Mary McCarthy's post was all in good fun - as is mine. Whether you are a sweats and baseball cap kind of mama, or a lipstick and high heels kind of mama, one thing I know for sure: your kids love you and think you're beautiful just the way you are!  So take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back,  look in the mirror and take pride in who you see.

Hugs Mamas!




  1. Love it. I pride myself on being about half and half of each. =)

  2. Love it! I admitted in the piece that I am only speaking out of jealousy!! ;) You rock out with your lipstick out, hot mama! ;) xoxo

    1. Thanks for being such a good sport! Would love to "collaborate" again in the future ;)

  3. LOVE IT! just cause your a mom doesn't mean you have to look like crap!

  4. Love! I may be a new mom but I'm definitely a makeup mom! Just cause your sleep deprived doesn't mean you can't look good :-)

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  6. This post was really fun to read and I agree 100%. I never leave my house without a little blush and eye makeup. It feels good to face the world with confidence.
    I am following you from the hop and would love for you to follow back.

  7. This was a fun post and I think you have a good perspective on the matter! I'm not a mom, but I'm pretty sure that when I am I won't suddenly switch to not enjoying pretty clothes any more! I always say people should dress the way that's most comfortable and happy for them--some people are happiest in clothes that I would find really boring, and some people would be uncomfortable in the bright colors and the sparkles that I love!


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