Thursday, November 29, 2012

So, About That Blog Post...

It's sort of nonexistent today.

I am action-packed with excuses and all of them are true.

I went to bed after midnight.  Cooper was up at 4 am.  I hosted a play date this morning.  I haven't showered since Tuesday night.  Colten is still awake.  I'm in the middle of a family room remodel, so I've been trapped in my basement playroom for two days.

Here is what's been happening at the Sanzos:

Step 1: We removed everything from walls and rearranged the furniture (ignore the blurry baby and clutter).  This is all we are able to accomplish ourselves.  We are not DIYers by any stretch of the imagination.  We can't even paint.  We hire people.  The.  End.

Step 2:  Window seat with toy storage is built.

Step 3:  Bottom of hutch is built.

Step 4:  Top of hutch is built and fireplace mantel is removed.

I'm loving how things are turning out.  My husband is traumatized by the fact that the fireplace can't be lowered as far as we would like, which means we'll need a smaller tv.  Buying a smaller tv goes against everything the man believes in.  Did I mention he is getting a vasectomy tomorrow?  Because he is.  And he definitely just looked at me and said: "I can't believe it; I'm being downsized in two areas."

So this is why there is no outfit post, no fashion tips, no shopping stories to share.  Just a family room, a boatload of excuses, and a husband who's manhood is being downgraded in more ways than one.  Here's to hoping I can eek out more than 3.5 hours of sleep tonight.

See you on the flipside, 




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