Monday, December 3, 2012

Made in America Mondays ~ Volume 5

I had the craziest weekend.   It was crazy busy in a good way, but I'm still exhausted.  Between holiday parties, birthday parties, my first ever book signing, holiday shopping, making brownies with strawberry and icing Santa hats on top, and a family room remodel,  I'd really just like to snuggle on in for a long nap.

Book Signing at Fairport Library on Saturday
It boggled my mind how many women over 65 bought my book -
I guess I was wrong about that whole 30-40 year old demographic...
Santa Hat Brownies 
Sadly with a blog to write and a baby blob ready to wake up from his morning nap at any given moment, I don't think there are any naps in my future.  So let's just carry on with business as usual, shall we?

Today, for my fifth installment of Made in America Mondays, I'd like to show you some beautiful jewelry from I Choose American (all made in the USA of course).

And because I love you all, you can save 10% off any jewelry purchase from I Choose American with the code:  FASHIONISTA!

Happy Shopping!
Saturn Ring
Sterling Silver
Falling Star Necklace 
16" Sterling Silver
Saturn Threader Earrings
Sterling Silver

Thin Ice Necklace
Sage Glass (from wine bottle) and Sterling Silver

Which one is your favorite?  Do you know of a great jewelry line that is made in the USA?  I'd love to write about it!  



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  1. I love the 50 Shades tree! So funny! :)

    Can't wait to see the pics of the finished renovation project!



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