Monday, December 10, 2012


So before my home became inhabitable and my parents whisked my kids away to New Jersey we had breakfast with Santa at our church.  Colt was in awe.  Coop wasn't so sure about the whole thing.

Scoping Out the Big Guy
My big boy was so happy to see Santa!
He asked for Rescue Bots and Jake and the Pirates.
Oh and cars and choo-choos of course!
While Colten was perfecting his angelic pose to ensure placement on the Nice List,
Cooper was checking out Santa suspiciously.
Three seconds later Cooper burst into tears.

I think this is the first Christmas that Colten really gets it and it is so exciting to watch.  It's hard to believe that one day he'll outgrow Santa, but when he does, I found this unbelievably sweet note on Pinterest from parents to their child when he questioned whether or not Santa is real.

Are you crying yet?  Because I am.

I love this.  Definitely keeping this for the future, but hope my adorable little boys believe in Santa forever.  They grow up way too fast!

Hope you're on the nice list this year,




  1. Hi Lovie! Glad you're back at it!

    The boys' hair is amazing - I love how curly it is!

    How is Colt's Apraxia? Sounds like he's making strides if he's asking Santa for gifts!!


    1. Thanks... Coops is starting to curl when its wet... so keep your fingers crossed.

      Colt continues to make progress. I still had to translate for Santa. He said he wanted "Dake and Ah-you-bots." (Jake and Rescue Bots) and then said " Oh an Choo Choo cars." Last yeah all he could say was "mama" "dada" "ba" for ball and "ha" for hot. So yeah huge progress. Going back to Michigan next month for a 4 day refresher course with Nancy Kaufman... and the other day he called me "a pain in the butt" - clear as day I didn't know whether to congratulate him on the 5 word phrase or slap him for talking to his mama like that lol

      How you doing sweets?

    2. I'm great! Over the flu and over the kidney infection! Only six more months of this business to go! :)

      So glad he's making such marked progress! Look at that little guy go! I'm sure you guys are giving loads of hope to other people that are walking your same path. That's what so bitchin' about blogging. :)

    3. Yikes! Ah the joys of pregnancy! So glad you're on the mend and can concentrate on growing a human again :) I'll definitely blog about his apraxia progress after we go back to michigan - you reminded me that my peeps need an update :) Also have every intention of reading your novel that is sitting patiently on my dining room table. :)

  2. Aw, your boys are little cutie pies!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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