Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Swing of Things

I'm not going to lie, I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I seem to be in a post-holiday funk.  I've got e-mails backing up into oblivion, posts to write, products/books to review, and a novel to edit (among other things) and I haven't done anything.  Not. One. Thing.

Today I got caught up with cleaning and laundry, hooked up our Xbox with kinect, and tried to find homes for all our new toys.  It is ridiculous the amount of toys these two got!  We need to build an addition just for toy storage purposes!

I'm going to try to sneak away (read: saddle husband with kiddos) tomorrow to get back into fashionista mode.  I have really been struggling with finding the time to do/write all that I want to.  I need to get a schedule worked out and stick to it - with a more probable goal of 3-4 posts a week (in addition to any local happenings that I post on Flower City Fashion).  I think trying to post every day just isn't feasible at this point in my life.  With no more naps, special needs, and a crazy travel schedule these next two months - time just isn't on my side.

I also can't help but be impacted by the tragedy and loss that seems to be everywhere I turn.  It has made me realize how blessed I am.  That life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  We're healthy.  We're together.  I'm so thankful to be home with my kids, to have my family safe and sound, to be able to provide the treatment necessary for Colt (and potentially Cooper too).  Those are the important things.  Sometimes its the most important things that we tend to forget.  I don't want to take those things for granted any more.

As this year comes to a close, I think one of my resolutions should be to go easier on myself, to know that sometimes simple is best, and to remember that the people I love are most important.  Everything else should just fall into place...

Hope you had a very merry Christmas with all the people you love best.  And to those of you who are are grieving, sad, and lonely this holiday season - you're in my prayers tonight and always.

See you tomorrow!




  1. Beautiful written and priorities are in order ~ well done! :)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Just catching up on blogs and emails myself. I can't believe you've been able to post almost every day - I've been in awe of you! :) In September when I went from blogging two times to one time a week, I felt much saner. As much as the nerd in me could sit at the computer all day and write, it just doesn't work out for me right now. Speaking of writing - I never got my novel over to you to edit/review. All this business with Jake's new diet and supplement program hit me hard in September and I didn't even have time to think about creative writing. So, my new goal is to tackle it when he starts Pre-K 4 in August. For the first time in 5 years I will have a few hours of quiet time each day ... oh my.

    Tomorrow (Friday) I'm going to start putting away some of the Christmas gifts & create a little order around here. I'm such a slacker this time of year. I'm an over achiever all year, but always take this time to rest, enjoy my kids, read no-brainer novels, and drink lots of wine. When I clear my brain and escape from the chaos for a couple of days, it helps me to reflect on the past year and make goals for the year ahead.

    I love your blog! Slowly I find all this fashion advice sinking into my everyday life. I was so ultra-cute today I almost texted you a picture of myself! :) My hubby bought me the cutest hat for Christmas and I looked so artsy. I think I'm going to switch my profile pic b/c I just felt so "me" today, ya know? Take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    1. Feel free to text me pics anytime! And I'd still love to read your novel. Have a few books I'm supposed to be reviewing... and a novel I'm editing for a friend that I haven't started ahhhh! But definitely would love to do that for you! Send me a pic of the hat! Smooches! Hope you're enjoying your holiday too! I just saw Les Mis for the second time this week... love love love!


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