Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Wrap Up

Hey!  It's me.  We're up and running again over here.

The geniuses at Apple have fixed my computer.  Apparently a plugin was jacking up my whole system.  Never saw that one coming...  What can I say, you live, you learn...

Anywho, I can type again soooo...

Let me get you caught up on my life...

I may or may not have jammed, sprained, and/or destroyed my middle finger on my right hand.  It's twice the size it used to be, which is a bummer because that's my artwark coil ring finger.  (Let's just say that shiz isn't fitting on there any time soon.)  Oh and it hurts like a biatch, which makes simple things like typing and taking care of my children way less pleasant, which is a bummer because those are the only two things I do...

In other news, I had non-traumatic Rochester haircut on Saturday.  First one in 4 (count them 4) years. If you're local, I highly recommend Mandy at Shear Ego.  She rocked my socks off.  As opposed to these infamous hack jobs. 

Mandy Rocks.
Peace signs make you look cooler.
What else?  What else?

Since I couldn't use my computer, I did what any other hot-blooded fashion blogger would do:  I shopped.  And then I planned my entire wardrobe for a conference I am attending in 3 (count them 3) weeks.  Bring it on LuckyFABB - this girl is ready!
I call it Anthropologie meets Forever21, because that's exactly what it is... ha!
Last, but certainly not least, I'm super-excited to be participating in Hilary Rushford's #StyleMeOctober Challenge.  Nothing like free style inspiration all month long.  I highly recommend this, girls.  It's not too late to hop on board, be inspired, look at your wardrobe with new eyes, and a start to love what's already hanging in your closet.  Do it!

Here's how my "styled" October is shaping up thus far:
Style Icon = Zooey Deschanel
Image via The Fashion Moodboard
Perfectly Parisian -
Stripes + bun + skinnies with flats + simple makeup + bold lip + Louis Vuitton

What have you been up to?  Tell me everything!



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  1. I am so for Anthropologie meets Forever21 situations... actually I am an Anthropologie, LOFT, Banana, JCrewsss of the world meets Forever21 kind of gurl.... love stretching out my shopping budget


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