Friday, January 18, 2013

Want Me to Be Your Personal Shopper?

Ever wish I could be your personal shopper?

Well, you’re in luck.

I’m now a Personal Shopper for Sears, Kmart, and Lands End.

I would love for you to be my client!

How it works is simple: once you sign up as my client,  every time you use your Shop Your Way Rewards Card I make commission and you earn valuable points.  I’ve literally gotten hundreds of dollars in free stuff from this program. (You can read about my love for Shop Your Way here. Note: this was written BEFORE I was even a personal shopper).   So you run into Kmart for diapers? Cha-ching. Get a washing machine at Sears? Making bank. Cute sweater from Lands End? Rolling. In. The. Dough.

Here’s the best part though (other than making me millions and you getting free stuff)... As your personal shopper you can contact me to help you with any shopping or home/auto services under the SHC umbrella. Need shoes to wear to your sisters wedding? Done! Price compare flat screen tvs? I’m on it. New vacuum? In the bag. Want to throw out everything in your closet? Let’s go shopping! I’ll tell if you those pants make your butt look big...I promise!  The list is virtually endless - and you get these services for FREE. I help you shop and Sears pays me. I’m thinking this is a win - win how about you?

Signing up is easy but I have noticed one glitch in the process. After step two, the button you click says “I’m done” when there is still one more step left. Oops!  You still need to click the top box on the next screen to accept the personal shopping terms and conditions.

So let’s so this, shall we?

Go to:

Here is the 3 step sign up process in explicit detail:

1. Click link above

2. Click [start here] button

3. Sign up as a shop your way member

4. Sign up as a shop your way REWARDS member so you can earn points. If you already have a Rewards account, you can provide your membership info by clicking the checkbox at the top of the form.


6. To become a client of mine, accept the terms and conditions by clicking first box, leave second box blank

7. Click [FINISH]

8. You will get a confirmation email and so will I.

Need a little nudge?

How does a $25 gift card sound?  Good?  Great!  Because I'm giving one away.

Note:  You must sign up for my personal shopping program to participate in the giveaway!

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Thanks for idiot-proofing this for me. I promise I'll sign up at naptime!


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